Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020 — Absolutely Free Starter Membership

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020 — Earn Income, While At Home

Hello my name is Merven and I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2018.   I this Wealthy Affiliate Review,  I will tell you why until this time, I am still here in this business and become my other way of living and soon become my full-time job. In this article that you are going about to read I will tell you the secret of becoming from nobody to somebody.

I will also teach and coach you what I have learn from this business, and show you experiences of people that don’t have any idea how to do business in running and making website, they don’t know anything when they joined Wealthy Affiliate, and now, they are earning passive income that they never earn in their work.  It is also that in this business, they own their time, it is in this business that they have more time with there family.  The secret? they follow the training that that Kyle, Carson and Jay teaches and they put it into action.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

To tell you honestly, in my 2 years as premium member in this business I don’t know anything about builing website.  I am just an ordinary person I am not well aquainted with HTML, and other web programing.  What I did was I keep on following what Kyle and Carson said, and also Follow the live seminar of Jay the Creator of magistudio.com.  You will learn a lot and you will be amazed why you can do the imposible things. 

Today, I will be giving you some insights about how to start your own company. Yes! you heard it right! your own company.  I know you are struggling to look for ways how to earn extra money online.  but, the problem is you don’t sometimes trust the site you log in to.  because, maybe, you were scammed before.  but here at Wealthy Affiliate, we are operating a legit operation.  so much so…

but at some points you will decide to join Wealthy Affiliate, be careful of the following; 

  1. It’s Free – you don’t need to pay cash for a starter membership
  2. I’m Going To Help You– It is my aoth to become your personal memter/tearcher in this journey.  you can ask me anything you want, and I will give you an answer the moment I’ll be online and show you the way to success.
  3. Dedicate you Time – The way to success is not a smooth sailing process.  So, you must be totally dedicated to learn and apply what you learn.

Getting advice about what to do when you don’t have money when you don’t have them, or worse, when you don’t have it in your pocket sound not good and ironic. Hold on. What does not have any money mean? Are you tired of your work? Is your mid-month and end month pay not enough? are you living paycheck to paycheck? are your financially broke? or most probably you are financially dependent on your parents, siblings relatives, social security, etc.

Do you find yourself spending money by borrowing it from someone or you are drowned into loans and other debts? if you answer is yes to any of these questions, then you don’t have any money, and it’s time for you to find ways to have a good start where to find the money.

To help you with that problem out, I want to introduce to you to Wealthy Affiliate. Yes, you read it right, wealthy affiliate. This site is very good for you. You can find intelligent helper here in case you can no longer find the answer to your questions, and we are here to help you out with your website.

And good news, this website is free, when you join as starter member at wealthy affiliate. Who knows, this is now your avenue to financial freedom.  I can proudly say that in this community, there are hundreds of thousands of Wealthy affiliate members who live with 4 digit income the less, and not only that, Wealthy Affiliate, give you the full technical support once you upgrade to premium membership.

What You Get When You join FREE Wealthy Affiliate Membership

As I’ve said, you can have bundles of packages once you join the wealthy affiliate.  Remember that Wealthy Affiliate has a program offering a Free Membership Account. This free membership account gives you limited access here at Wealthy Affiliate dashboard. Some of you access also long last, like training and other videos and community features, while other free features only last for a limited amount of time. Such as living chat feature. Here is what you get when you join the free Wealthy Affiliate Membership.

Live Help – First 7 Days.

  •  1 Websites
  • Website Backup
  • Beginner Training Course
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training – Phase 1 Only
  • Video Walk-Throughs
  • Keyword Research Tool – 30 Searches
  • Training Classrooms – 2
  • Affiliate Program

In this features, you can only partially make your starter account but you can not proceed to other features because of the limited access once you are on the free membership account. I will not recommend you to sign up as a free member. Why? If you are serious in making money online, you have to proceed to the premium membership account, here in this phase you can have full access to the system as a premium member.

What Do You Get With The PREMIUM Wealthy Affiliate Membership Option?

Here is what you get when you are a premium member, you can get full access to the system absolutely anything you want. If you are serious in making money online or building an online business, you will never regret when you choose a Wealthy Affiliate. I never regret that I join Wealthy Affiliate, I meet a lot of good and helping people here and it’s amazing, the community here is very accommodating the tools, and all the resources you need is here, just do that assigned task and you will be successful.

Not to brag, other affiliate marketing programs are very outdated and all the promises they gave you is very convincing but once you are there, they will leave you on the air. With Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership, I can guarantee you, you will not regret once you join the program. You don’t need to worry about those next things you do because every day you have the task to follow. You can also search and find the past training that you missed, here at Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership new training are added on a daily basis including the weekly video training. I’ve said, you can have full access to community features. I spend even the whole day doing my task because the task is very understandable. Once you will go to click my link and join as a premium member, I will be notified and I can guarantee you that I will give you my full support.

These are the list of the things that is included to your package as Wealthy Affiliate Member.

  • Live Help – Unlimited
  • Private Messaging – Unlimited
  • 50 Websites
  • Website Security Package
  • Website Backup
  • Beginner Training Course – Full Access
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training – All Phases (7)
  • Live Video Classes
  • Video Walk-Throughs
  • Keyword Research Tool – Unlimited Searches
  • Training Classrooms – 2
  • Affiliate Program – 2x Higher Payout
  • Earn While You Learn
  • 1-on-1 Coaching – Unlimited
  • Private Access to Webinars
  • 24/7/365 Website Support
  • Website Feedback Platform
  • Website Comment Platform
  • Website Analysis

With all the technical support from the wealthy affiliate, you can still say that the price is worth it. If you will join today, and become a premium member, you will have to pay $29 for the first month and $49/month for the succeeding months. You will also pay a $10 hosting fee. And this is good news, where can you find in the world starting a business that only cost less than $100 dollars initial capitalization? You cannot find that in four corners of the world. With wealthy affiliate, you can get absolutely anything you need in starting your online business. From scratch to finished, you can get them all for a very reasonable amount. Not only that, if you fully pay your yearly membership fee you will just pay $326.00.

The Incentives

Things I LIKE About Wealthy Affiliate

I sound too confident of what I am saying, but based on the fact, what I really like at Wealthy Affiliate is the community, all the rest of the guys here are very helpful. My short stay at WA, I can say that I am satisfied with the services that the webmaster Kyle and Carson are showing here. Help? You can have a lot of there, tons of helping hand awaits you if you need them. I can guarantee that you will grow your business once you are here.

You will Earn At Wealthy Affiliate

That fact that I like Wealthy Affiliate is, it enables me to enhance my ability to write here, it encourages me to show what I have. The blog is free to the community. Ops, one thing I forgot. Here on this website, you are totally guided what to do, in selecting and choosing your niche, just follow the program, and you will be successful in this field. The major intention I love endorsing Wealthy Affiliate to new affiliate marketers is the fact that it literally provides EVERYTHING you need. You don’t need to buy a domain name in one place then get hosting in another place while you sign up for training at yet another place.

All you need for your website building is in one spot for a very low price, you will not only get the site but the tools needed for your site is provided with a step-by-step training manual to run your website properly. I also have troubles in making my first web page, but if you have any problems, you can ask me, or even go to the community as ask questions, and all will is very happy to help you with your problem.

The Best Affiliate Training In The World


“Follow step-by-step video based training on how to build an incredibly successful business by referring others to Wealthy Affiliate. There is no other community like Wealthy Affiliate in the world. Help spread the word by getting started with Bootcamp Today!”

Income Calculator

Depending on how much icome you want to earn, if you reffer more to Wealthy Affiliate more, the more the higher the conversion rate is. If you reffer less, the lesser the income will be. Don’t worry if that’s the case. Thousands of ways you can earn income by way of promoting amazon’s product, eBay, Clickbank, and many more.

Things I DON’T LIKE About Wealthy Affiliate

As a newbie to Wealthy Affiliate, you will really experience culture shock. Of course, you still don’t know how to do the programs especially to new members, that what we called beginners training. This is the major problem I can sense for the new members since we are new to the community.

You will experience separation syndrome because you are doing it alone by yourself the training, and you don’t have a personal coach beside you. For those who stay a decade here, I guess it’s time to put on some new upgraded training for them to be more updated of what is happening in the internet industry. Maybe new forums or else new platform. As a Wealthy Affiliate, it has a unique way of building a community and the way how they cater problem within Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate promotes a healthy environment in a way that it has a live chat room to answer questions from other members. And Through this, we cannot deny the fact that there are also some unanswered questions.

Do not spam at Wealthy Affiliate why? The site is very strict at it. The good thing is you cannot write bad things on this site. I remember once I wrote a blog regarding a religious matter in the blog site, and I was reminded by one of my friends to be careful in this issue because according to her, I will be spammed. When writing, just write plain blogs not to include other religious matters because this is a free site if you will do it. Just post it to your post or page.

One thing I can assure you at Wealthy Affiliate is, all people here are very accommodating. Ask and you will be answered, seek and you will find what you are looking for. that is what wealthy affiliate’s picture.

Who Should Sign Up For Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020
It’s Free for starter membership No Credit Card Needed

The main purpose of this review is to guide you or even helps you decide whether to join or not. For starters, the moment you sign up for a free account at Wealthy Affiliate, this is your good start. When I signed up for free, it takes me 2 months to decide whether to join or not. But finally, I was convinced to join cause I find it helpful and I know everybody needs passive income and everyone wants to earn. And that is the very purpose of this site review.

However, Wealthy Affiliate isn’t for everyone, so let’s first cover who it is FOR and then I’ll cover more specifically who it is NOT for.

A Wealthy Affiliate is a great place for those who are brand new to the industry. Sure, experienced marketers may also enjoy the benefits of a Wealthy Affiliate membership, but the service is really created for those who are complete newbies to the industry and need to learn how to build an online business from scratch. This site is not for you if you think you will get rich the next day once you signed in. If you are willing to learn how to make business online. This is for you. But if you think you are a season to the internet industry and know everything this place Is not for you. This place is for new members who want financial freedom.

Point of Decision Making

You hold the key to change your life forever,  Remember you are born to be a winner,  the moment you were concieve by your mother, you already are a winner.  Don’t settle for less, copy what others do, they become successful because they sleep less, and work more.  You are on your way to success, decide now and life a better life latter,  decide tomorrow, and suffer the rest of your life.  

If you want to change your life today, take action.  Successful people are those who take the risk.  If you are not happy with your work now and you want to change the direction of your earnings, make a difference.  Decide big and Enjoy a better life tomorrow.

Enroll in Wealthy Affiliate Today!

all you need to do is start building your foundation of success.  It’s free, No Credit Card Needed


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