Top 10 Best Smart Phones This Summer 2019—Find Out What Is The Phone Right for You!

Presenting to you the best phone and Smartphones you Have to Consider This Summer

Maybe you are wondering which Smart Phone best for your taste this summer.  I made a short list for you to choose which of this top 10 smartphones best for your need this summer, I’m making an honest review of this phone for your guide.

Is There any Best Phone I can Buy this Summer?

Honestly, there are varieties of smartphones you can select from the tip of your finger this summer.  However, it keeps bothering you, which of this top 10 cell phones I choose to buy?  Maybe your pick is not from the top 10 I presented. Find out how, and I will show you different specifications and other important aspects so that you will be guided which and what to buy.

But before that did you also consider the best phone that came out of the market last 2018? Or you’re really determined and eager to look at the chart of the best phone for 2019.

My Gadgets Buying Guide

In selecting a smartphone, it is very important to choose products of good quality, best camera, best specs and etc. because this is your partner them after you buy this product in the next years to come. Most importantly, to choose the phone that has good value and of good quality. But most of the time, the phone you like most will not be bought for the reason that you lack budget.  Anyway, forget about it, it’s no longer a problem if you don’t have a budget because there are merchants who offer installments for these products.

Speaking of phones, there are different prices of Phones in the market, if you choose this top of the line cell phone it will cost you up to $3,000 and $1000, $800, and even $200 which is most of the time, has similar specifications.

Android Phone? Or iPhone Phone?

There are numerous types of operating system in terms of cell phones, but I can only talk 2 reigning cell phone program and that is Android and iOS.  Put it in your list the operating system of windows phones it only takes 1 or 2 percent of its market share.  Therefore, it is very important to consider iOS or Android program.   If you look at the market, you can see that Android was at the top of the chart.  And that is undeniable. While iPhone iOS take a lower market share.  There is also a new platform. And that is PIE but this has just come out of the market lately. However, you can advantage to iOS because most of the program developers focus much on their apps to iOS.  Take note, that both iOS and Android is easy to manage when it comes to transferring your contacts to the other one. The only thing you cannot transfer is your paid apps. You have to consider this if you plan to shift to other platforms.

Should I Consider a Factory Unlocked Phone?

This is the hustle you have to consider when buying a cell phone.  Even though the price is much higher compared to lock phones but you can have an advantage especially when you plan to transfer to other providers,  and much more, when you go to other countries this is another advantage for you because you can still use your phone even to other parts of the world or places you want to go.

Be sure to purchase factory Unlocked phones, why? Some of the providers usually lock you into their contract for them to gain advantage from you especially when you are on a plan contract. I will advise you not to go on this type of services, mostly iPhone phones are doing this strategy.  The point here is that, honestly, you can save money if you buy an unlocked phone.  Most importantly, you are not hooked to your service provider.  So it is very easy for you to find another service provider if you are not satisfied with the services offered.

Best Smartphones for This Summer 2019

1. Google Pixel 

This Phones Pixel 3 Pixel 3 XL series is on the top of the line for this company. If you don’t want an iPhone, this is the best smartphone for you.  But there is a big difference in this both cell phones Google Pixel 3 has smaller screen display while Google Pixel XL has a large screen display and bigger battery size.

Google Pixel has an advantage when it comes to its camera, why? Of all the smartphones, Google pixel proudly says.  They have the best camera ever among the rival smartphones.  Aside from that, it has long-lasting battery life and both have good hardware to this date and can charge wisely and even waterproof. Suggested Price $799.00

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2. OnePlus 6T

Even though it has no headset jack, wireless charging, and waterproofing, the OnePlus 6T still stands out as the best smartphone for you.  Consider the price of the phone it is very cheap.  At about $460-$550 and it has the best specs you could anticipate. The look is great, and its camera can compete also with other best cell phones in the market.

You can also find Samsung S9 at the same price. It has a dual camera yet it has lower pixel compared to Pixel 3 good thing is, people won’t care about this.

But the phone as a who has the best performance that can withstand among the rest of its rivals because of its excellent performance. OnePlus 6T as a whole is an excellent one for you.  There is a new version of the phone the McLaren Edition, amazing it has 10GM RAM you can only buy this at Amazon, eBay and other gadgets store.

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3. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

With Samsung Galaxy, S10 Plus is the flagship of the galaxy series that withstand in its top of the line among Samsung brands in the market today. Samsung Galaxy S10 plus has an outstanding camera. And has big screen display with high-performance technology with additional Exynos version let down of its acceptable battery life.

This phone is quite expensive, ranges from $899-$999 price is not an issue, because Samsung guarantees your satisfaction. If you have this cell phone, no need for you to have DSLR cameras. Yet, if you want to save for at least $100 you can buy Samsung Galaxy S10 with almost the same features with Samsung Galaxy S10 it also has a triple back camera with an outstanding screen. You can also choose S10e this has a cheaper price and smaller screen display compared to its lattes edition less battery life and has few cameras.

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4. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

I can say that Huawei phone company 2 spots in this review, this is a good indication that Huawei is the best among the rest when it comes to phone manufacturing. The Huawei Mate Pro has vibrant wide OLED screen triple cameras and with a slender notch in it.

Market Price is $900 this is Huawei’s most expensive smartphone but you can benefit from Huawei’s EMUI software the company also improves its AI features and other features for you to a better camera experience. With Huawei P20 and P20 Pro, this has 3D face detection unlock features, and has reverse wireless charging that you can connect to other phones.

This phone has also stereo speakers and it has a bigger battery that will last up to 2-3 days of use and the battery life span will last up to 2-3 years also.

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5. iPhone XS

this second generation iPhone is one of its top of the line gadgets built by apple company as their flagship. This phone is one of the most expensive cell phone in this review.  It will cost you to about $999-$1300 compared to other cell phones listed. Yet, this phone is considered to have its security vault in the because of its OLED features that act as face detection security ID system that makes it futuristic cell phone iPhone ever built. Though it is expensive, yet it is the most desirable gadget people wants all over the world.

This phone also has wireless compatibility, yet it is a slower charger among the box. But when it comes to its improved battery life and its iOS system this iPhone XS is still the phone you love to have if you already used to it.

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6. Honor View 20

With this kind of phone, this is the price match to OnePlus 6T, in this list. But it is still offering its best compared with 6T series. The price is very cheap, it only comes with $499 yet its features are very costly. And this was the very first cell phone released in the west with a punch hole selfie features that can be found in the corner display of the cell phone. Than that of dropping down in the middle of the screen.

What is amazing to this phone was its 48MP rear camera. Yet, this is considered as marketing hype,  actually, it delivers to one of its chipset camera that was used so far, especially when you use the AI Clarity zoom mode.

With its stunning holographic rear flagship processor, yet it also has a long lasting battery life packed with 4000mAh no to mention its headphone jack is amazing that is why this is another phone to consider for this year in your list of gadgets.

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7. iPhone XR

this pone has a fantastic rating 5 out of 5 rating. And this is the best phone and the phone right for your this time generally speaking it has amazing customers feedback. Price at $750 it is lower than the price of iPhone XS and other smartphones flagships.

Although this phone has only one camera and its LCD screen it is comparable with iPhone XS because they have the same processor the A12 series. With same wireless charging compatibility and face ID detection features, yet it has a larger LCD screen compared to regular XS series.  The company had produced 6 different types of colors so you can select its different variety besides, it has also long-lasting battery life.

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8. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

What I like Note 9 was its fantastic design.  Samsung improves a lot of its items since it is there commitment to give the best product to the market. It has a larger screen with a sensible fingerprint scanner and 4000mAh battery. If you compare this to other phones, it has a larger LCD screen display. It’s stereo speakers is amazing with great camera features.

Although it is expensive at about $999.99-$1000 you cannot find more another phone for you.  Why? Samsung has it all.

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9. Xiaomi Mi8 Pro

At $450 this phone is an incredible and amazing phone for you this year. Xiaomi Mi8 Pro pretty much a very good phone to consider when buying one for the fact that it has the same specs with other competitors. Phone specification, when you compare with OnePlus 6T you can get this with 8GB RAM, not 6.

If you consider this phone, there is no other in the list that can compete this such an amazing cell phone. It is blazingly fast and has a powerful performance when it comes to its software program. It also has a fingerprint scanner and great camera performance. If you really love Xiaomi phone you can also consider other phone design the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 this phone also has an amazing performance ever.

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10. The LG V40 ThinQ

Like any other smartphones and cell phones presented in the list, LG V40 ThinQ is also an amazing cell phone. But the bad news is this phone is only available in the US and South Korea.

This phone is one the LG’s ever best cell phone. And has also very pretty amazing features possible with three different cameras built on it. IP68, wireless charging capabilities, and has a fantastic stereo sound that delivers amazing quality.

Other feature of this phone, like the camera and its video recording features, is very fantastic. This slim and light built gadget is a total renovation of the V30 model. But the great disadvantage is its price $900 cannot compete with other rival phones.

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the review presented above is an honest guide provided for by my gadget world zone. If you have any good things and good experience that can make this review more presentable, please feel free to comment below and I will be very happy to welcome them.  If you are happy with this review please comment below. thank you



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