Technology Addiction–Risk Factor For Children

Hello everyone, today we will be talking about this big issue that shakes the whole family and our society. According to the report of the Seventh-day Adventist church meeting in Budapest, Hungary focused on issues affecting families, women, and children. Which participated by Three departments namely, Family, Women’s and Children’s Ministries–which discusses some most important matter which you and your family are affected. The Meeting was participated by 400 delegates from some 60 countries attended this global event.

A Generation at Risk

Two plenary sessions at the Reach the World conference featured content presented by Kiti Freier Randell, a pediatric neurodevelopmental psychologist from Loma Linda University Health in California, United States, who works extensively with at-risk children, emphasized the role of the home in childhood development: “Although other supportive institutions in society play a role, it is in the family that nurture is effective and meaningful.”

Randell contrasted the idyllic statement with the reality that children around the world are at risk from a great number of factors. Lack of access to education, especially for girls, is a significant risk, leading to other risk factors such as poverty, drug use, and an increased rate of teen pregnancy and gang violence. Childhood obesity is another risk factor, leading to “serious lifelong consequences,” she said.

Another factors that would affect the victims is malnutrition, and other health problem. In my observation of this presentation, I am sure, that parents out there, this is also your problem. I know for one here in our place, the lifestyle of a young man which is he keeps on staying at the Internet cafe to play this computer games, leads his health to serious illness. His Kidney was affected due to the food that he is eating, aside from that, the character of a child who keeps on playing computer games leads to a problematic attitude. in some case, our children may experience trauma and abuse. In a brain scan revealed a visible difference in the brain of an abuse victim, which in some countries it is the number-one reason that children born healthy die before the age of 1.

Risk Factor’s Involving Technology Addiction

Too much, or misused, technology can impact a child’s physical and mental health.

1. Sleep disturbance

2. Depression

3. Anxiety

I challenge you parents reading this, please do not expose children under 2 years of age to technology. Like the previous article, I wrote to my post, it is a big mistake when we let technology raise our children. I say so because there are some parents that they let their gadgets entertain their children while they are so very busy browsing their gadgets.

Science is focusing increasingly on the idea of resilience, the capacity to maintain or develop competent functioning in the face of major life stresses. Factors such as social support, connectedness, meaningful activity, and exercise all lead to increased resiliency.

I know we don’t want our children in the future will become useless in society so please let us not neglect this information. Remember that our top priority is our family. Let us not focus so much for the thing that gets away our attention to our family. Let us make our family as our number one asset. What this money can do if we lose our precious one? Nothing.

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