Success Is What You Make Of It You’ve got to

Success Is What You Make Of It

You’ve got to work with the people who want to build their business. You can’t force anyone to succeed in this business.

In the previous network business company I’ve worked. I’ve tried to keep people from quitting. I’ve practically built their business for them. Did it work? No. we can’t pull people across the finish line. Find the people who want to do it and work with them. You can pull a rope, but you can’t push it.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: run with the runners; walk with the walkers; but just don’t sit with the sitters.

Find People who are at the point in their life where they want to succeed. Those are the people who you run like crazy with.

What does running with the runners mean? There are 5 basic success principles that explain the thought process and your runners need to agree on.

First is the investment principle.

You and your team must invest time and money in this business.  Their is not quick rich principle in business you have to invest and take a risk if you want to succeed in business, there is no shortcut in success.  All successful businessman spent sleepless night just to figure out what and how to run the business.

Invest in honesty, because by it, your way to success is sure.  It is said “An Honest centavo, is bigger than a dishonest 1 dollar.  Being honest and true to your costumers will give you the fulfilment of your dream.

Second is the association principle.

You and your down lines or anything with WA or your group have to associate with successful people. People who want to or are taking action to achieve what you want to accomplished. It makes sense. You want a cold? Hang around with folks who have a cold – you’re going to get a cold. Associate with people who have achieved what you want and you’ll join their rank.

Next is the dream setting and getting principle.

You and your team must have dreams and set goals –both individual and as a team. Write them down on an unlined sheet of white paper with blue ink. That’s a powerful Kevin Trudeau technique. It works! Get those dream written down.

Forth is the skills and techniques principle.

It’s one thing to associate with the people who have what you want; it’s totally different to have them train you. Training usually cost big money. Most people think when they pay $50,000.00 and more to a college that they have be trained for a lifetime. Not so. College only prepares you for more training.

To be guaranteed to excel in life, you need to invest in ongoing Wealthy Affiliate Training, you need to spend more time in learning process of the training provided. I know successful people who spend hundreds of dollars a month – learning. Become a continual process, student who take action on what you have learned. Few college offers entrepreneur course. Of those that do, many of them though by people who have never know what it’s like to own their own business. Subscribe to the Master Developer Series forever – I don’t think you can build a business without it.

Please, Please, Please, if you remember nothing else, remember this: if you want to know how to do something, learn from someone who has already accomplished it successfully like Kyle, Carson and the rest of the powerful earners here at the Wealthy Affiliate. Never stop dreaming and if you dream something please wake-up and work your dream for you will not work that dream that will still remain a dream.

How to be a successful affiliate marketer? It has existed for a decade but in the last 20 years, the baby boomers have latched on to it and won’t let go. The casual, yet successful work atmosphere people can enjoy from home base business, like most of us are doing here at wealthy affiliate. I know that you are struggling financially like me, live in a life of check and balance. That at the end of the pay day, no take home salary for the family. Let’s accept the fact that sometimes we are overpowered by our “EGO” remember that we are all given 24 hours a day by our Creator. I can always remember what my mentor told me before, that “Nobody will be blamed if you are born from a poor parent. But when you die broke…That’s a big problem.

Secret of success

To achieve success you must be willing to believe results to be true without seeing them first. Winners have a total belief before the result ever start happening. As neophyte business partner here at wealthy affiliate, I too have my struggles, I have my questions at the back of my mind. The questions that keeps of running to my brain. That if I will stop. What will happen for the next 11 months of my existence? Think positive.

Fifth is the delayed gratification principle. 

I could have quite easily when until now I still has “0”zero income for my first month of building here at WA. I know that someday we all have to harvest what we have strewed. I know that along the way to success is not a bed of roses, it has a lot of thorns and weeds alongside to the road of success. But never entertain negative minded people those are the success grabber. Always Remember, that a journey with a thousand miles… it always start with a first step.

By doing so? you can only rely to Wealthy Affiliate, this affiliate program promise you a very good foundation in your business especially in online business world.  you will be assured that you will become successful as long as you will follow that trainings and the caoching of the fellow affililate.  Honestly speaking, there are lots of very sweet promising affiliate program, but after they get your membership fee, you will be left behind. but here in wealthy affiliate, you will be granted of success.

thus, applying, the principle of success, your future is sure. by clicking this link, you will be guided how to start building your own website where you can start your journey here at wealthy Affiliate. Start Here and click to start your Webpage

thanks for reading my posting, hope you enjoy reading this. if you have comments and suggestion, just click the box below and type your suggestion and comments and i will be very happy to read them.  thanks a lot.


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