SAMSUNG Galaxy Note9 -The New Super Powerful Note

Product: Samsung Galaxy Note9

lowest Price Available:

Price: From $999.00 to $724.00

Rating: 4.5-5

Galaxy Note9 gives to ist users the most powerful technology on the tip of the finger to those who demands it. The All new Galaxy Note9 surpasses even with the high expectations, focusing on what is important of today in the online world.


Tasted and proven, even you leave your charger at home the battery life The phone that lasts all day.with the 4000mAh battery gets you through your day even in a single charge. the phone keeps going on, mobile world with Galaxy Note9’s all day battery.  Galaxy Note9 has the best battery life of any flagship Android phone I’ve tested.

Wireless Charging

Power up without being tied down when your battery’s drained, quick and convenient wireless charging gets your Galaxy Note9 back to 100% without needing to plug it in. Advanced wireless charging technology makes this Galaxy essential powerful yet simple to use.  what you will just need to do is just set your phone down to start charging and it will go on.  do you have problem with your previous experience with other phone?

Wi-Fi and LTE Remarkably fast downloads and uploads.  Get speed when you need it most. Transfer data on the run, stream videos wherever you are, and download and upload files without interruption. With integrated gigabit LTE and Wi-Fi capabilities and a 4×4 MIMO antenna, the Galaxy Note9 allows you to tap into extraordinary network speeds up to 1.2Gbps. so you will never have to worry of slow internet experience.

Storage System

Galaxy Note9 has internal 512GB and external up to 512GB It’s a revolution in all smartphone storage history. The 512GB internal capacity on the Galaxy Note9 sets a new standard, letting you keep your files and photos intact where you need it? you will have it on your phone.

Expand the storage further with microSD card for up to 512GB.  That’s nearly a terabyte of storage.  And it is not only that, it has more storage than any other smartphones.  So you have already a laptop on your hand.  It also has, 10nm AP and 8GB RAM The cutting-edge processor engineered for speed.

Discover what you can achieve with  the  new Samsung Galaxy Note9.  Gaming, streaming, or multitasking, the 10nm processor and an impressive 8GB RAM combine to deliver high performance that makes you take notice. And with access to lightning fast network speeds, things get done in a flash. Faster CPU33% Faster GPU23% RAM8GB.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Design

Infinity Display Get immersed in the cinematic experience

  • Enjoy richer, more dynamic color and sharper contrast with Galaxy Note9 super wide Quad HD+ Super AMOLED screen. The iris scanner and sensors up top are hidden away, cutting down on visual disruptions. 6.4-inch screen A vast canvas for big ideas and inspirations 6.4 ”.

Lightning Speed

Seamless switching between apps with Galaxy Note9 powerful 10nm AP.  Equiped with a cooling system that allows your phone to perform optimally longer that befor.

The signature S Pen calls for an equally elegant writing surface. That’s why the Galaxy Note9 has a 6.4-inch, virtually bezel-less display, giving you an expansive edge-to-edge surface as boundless as your imagination.  Brightness and contrast See your photos in striking detail, even in broad daylight. View bold colo

rs and vivid action on Galaxy Note9’s bright screen. It intelligently adjusts the contrast based on the light, meaning you enjoy clear and visible details, whether indoors or in direct sunlight.

Refined design

Fantastic from front to back. The Galaxy Note9 is as beautiful as it is innovative. The metal frame features dia-cutting along the edges for a high-end, faceted style that sets it apart from other smartphones. And the rear camera blends into the back for an all-around seamlessness. It not only feels good in your hand, it looks good too.

Choose a striking color for your Galaxy Note9 from a rainbow of hues: Ocean Blue, Midnight Black, Lavender Purple, Metallic Copper, Cloud Silver, or Alpine White. Housed inside is a matching S Pen, or in the case of Ocean Blue, a bold yellow that stands out.

The revolutionary intelligent camera.

Stunning shots in different kinds of light. Our category-defining Dual Aperture lens i

intelligently adapts to the surrounding light like the human eye — choosing between two f-stop modes. F1.5 mode brings in light to brighten up super low light shots. While F2.4 mode helps make sure your photos come out clear.  HDR for low light Capture color even in the dark take sharp, colorful photos on a camera that’s not afraid of the dark. Not only does it help preserve details in daylight and backlit photos, but even at night, Galaxy Note9’s HDR capabilities reduce noise to keep details clear and colors vivid without washing out light sources.

Two lenses, infinite possibilities

Escalate your photography with Galaxy Note9’s dual 12MP camera with 2x optical zoom. The rear camera has Super Speed Dual Pixel with 12MP OIS (F1.5/F2.4) + 12 MP MP OIS (F2.4) Front: 8MP AF F1.7 telephoto lens and wide-angle lens work together to shoot the whole scene even when you’re zoomed in, or create unique portraits with Live focus. And with dual OIS, photos will come out sharp, even if the camera’s a little shaky. So you can capture what others don’t have.

Portraits That Shine All Night

Create dazzling portraits even in the dark with Live focus on the rear camera. It lets you put the spotlight on your friends and family by blurring out the background. Galaxy Note9’s camera detects low light and takes multiple shots, blending them together for pin-sharp photos. Then, you can transform the background lights into fantastic sharpness and expressions.

Your Secret to Effortlessly Brilliant Shots

Instead of having DSLR’s, why not experience the capability of Galaxy Note9 and get the photo you want fir the first shot. Scene Optimizer on the rear camera intelligently detects the subject in frame. It then chooses from twenty different modes like flowers, food, and more, and enhances the picture to suit your subject.

it will take away closed eyes and blurry photos with Galaxy Note9’s Flaw Detection. It intelligently detects blinks, blurs, smudged lenses, and backlighting, notifying you so you can adjust and reshoot. It’s like having an intelligent adviser in your pocket. Showcase your directorial skills with Super Slow-mo. Galaxy Note9’s super-speed camera shoots videos that play back to show you the moment with incredible detail, recording up to a wicked fast 960 frames per second.

Express yourself in a whole new way with AR Emoji. Create an avatar as individual as you are with personalization options, like outfits and accessories. Then take a selfie or video as your new self — your emoji follows your expressions and movements closely.

Add a background for an extra layer of fun, or choose from a range of animated stickers to send off to your friends

Samsung keeps on upgrading its most advance and price friendly products.  it comes from different color you want. so why choose Samsung Note9? because its the best Phone that fits your taste.

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