when it comes to smartphones, Samsung Company always stands out.  From A10, A20, A30, A50, A70, A80 and now another A71 Series has come out of its shell from the genious smartphone manufaturer.  And this time, this smartphone build with a wider 6.7 inches screen that gives you an eye friendly infinity-O Amoled Display.  You don’t know probobly what Samsung Galaxy A71 give’s you satisfaction.  I really don’t know what is you preferences, when it comes to smartphone, that is the reason why, in this Samsung Galaxy A71 Review, I am revealing to you the whole information about your new smartphone coming right after you read this review.

What is Samsung Galaxy A71?

Samsung Galaxy A7 is a mid-range smartphone designed, developed, marketed, and manufactured by Samsung Electronics as part of its Galaxy A series.

The A7 line consists of SM-A715F/DS, SM-A715F/DSN and SM-A715F/DSM. Key upgrades over the previous model, the Samsung Galaxy A70, in addition to a better operating system, the Android 10.0, include a better chip-set-Qualcomm SDM730 and an improved camera. It was announced and released in December 2019 and prices will start at 385.95.

The phone has a Super AMOLED
FHD+ 6.7″ display, a 64 MP wide, 12 MP ultrawide, 5 MP depth, and 5 MP
macro camera, a 4500 mAh battery, and an ultrasonic in-screen
fingerprint sensor.

This Samsung Galaxy A71 is another mid-range yet flagship of Samsung Electronics company.  What is good about this unit is that, the phone is not much expensive yet, it is very presentable and has wider screen then Samsung Galaxy S20.

From Gaming to browsing, and from social media to video watching, from web-browsing and other multi task activities, Samsung Galaxy A71 is the perfect smartphone for you. Let us discover this new smartphone you are about to love.

Is Samsung Galaxy A70 Worth The Price?

I can always compare samsung brand to other smartphone company like Apple, Oppo Realme and other top of the line smartphone, for Galaxy A71, this is still the smartphone I can proudly recommend.  The Price is worth the product, and the specification is not far from its compatators that has quad cameras.  As what I have said earlier, Samsung Galaxy A71 is another Flagship smartphone for samsung company this 2020.

Samsung Galaxy A71-Amazon Price
Visit Amazon

Samsung Galaxy A71-eBay

If you can clearly see the prices above, you already have an idea that this new A71 is just a $40.00 away from its predecessor the Galaxy S10e.  almost the same price yet it has larger screen that the other smartphones. With this price comparison the one on the left is from amazon and the one on the right is from eBay. you can tell the prices difference. Is this worth the Price? I will leave to you the answer.



CPU Speed

2.2 GHz, 1.8 GHz

CPU Type



Size (Main Display)

169.5mm (6.7″ full rectangle) / 167.1mm (6.6″ rounded corners)

Color Depth (Main Display) 16M

Resolution (Main Display)

1080 x 2400 (FHD+)

Technology (Main Display)

Super AMOLED Plus


Rear Camera – Resolution (Multiple)

64.0 MP + 12.0 MP + 5.0 MP + 5.0 MP

Rear Camera – F Number (Multiple)

F1.8 , F2.2 , F2.2 , F2.4

Rear Camera – Auto Focus



RAM_Size (GB)8 External Memory Support MicroSD (Up to 512GB) ROM Size (GB) 128 Available Memory (GB) 106.1


Number of SIM

Dual-SIM, SIM size

Nano-SIM (4FF)

SIM Slot Type

SIM 1 + SIM 2 + MicroSD


Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac 2.4G+5GHz, VHT80 Wi-Fi Direct Yes, Bluetooth Version Bluetooth v5.0 (LE up to 2 Mbps)



General Information

Touch Bar


Accelerometer, Fingerprint Sensor, Gyro Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor, Hall Sensor, RGB Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor

Physical specification

Dimension (HxWxD, mm) 163.6 x 76.0 x 7.7 Weight (g) 179


Battery Capacity (mAh, Typical) 4500

Audio and Video

Stereo Support No Audio Playing Format


Video Playing Format


Video Playing Resolution UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) @ 30fps

Services and Applications

Gear Support

Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, Gear Circle (Manager Support), Gear Fit, Gear Fit 2, Gear Fit2 Pro, Gear Sport, Gear1, Gear2, Gear2 Neo, Gear S, Gear S2, Gear S3, Gear Icon X, Gear IconX (2018), Gear 360, Gear 360 (2017)

What Makes Samsung Galaxy A71 Unique?

Galaxy A71 is a unique smartphone due to the fact that this has 64MP Quad Rear Camera that can give you a very once in a lifetime experience.  Depth Camera it is in this, that you can apply the live focus and effect to your picture that gives you an artistic result in whatever photography you make.

It’s main camera, this will give you clear and bright photos even to the very low light condition or even during the night because this smartphone has the highest resolution of 64MP Camera. What its more exciting with Samsung Galaxy A71 is its Ultra Wide Camera.  This will take pictures, that your naked eyes can’t see. The ultra wide camera can capture 123 degress view, and can shootp pictures that as smooth and stable as taking videos with the super steady Video mode.

Macro Camera helps you capture your subject in a very precised close-ups even down to the lowest texture.  This is what Galaxy A71 can take advantage the rest quad camera smartphones.  Selie lover’s you dont need to worry because you have the 32MP front camera that gives you a very clear and fantastic selfie moment.

Supreme Performance

8GB RAM can give you maximum performance, that you can watch videos while you are browsing your internet.  I can atest, you will be satisfied once you will going to buy this smartphone.  Because in this, you will experience the flawless A71’s do it all fantastic performance. Galaxy A71 is powered by Snapdragon 730G Chipset so you can enjoy the stability of your phones performace this time, without lagging while you play games with its 8nm Octa Core Processor.

Galaxy A71 has 4,500mAh Battery that keeps your actions always ready, keep you powered altroughout the day because of its battery power and its 25W super fast-charging technology.

Massive Infinity-O-Display

As stated above, Samsung Galaxy A71 has 6.7″ Super AMOLED plus Display for those who are inlove with your small display smartphones, and a blogger like you that do not want to bring bulky DSLR, this is the smartphone that will substitute you camera, I know how difficult to bring DSLR when going travel so Samsung Galaxy A71 is the best solution to your photography need. immerse yourself with your favorate shows by watching it in your A71.  You will be guaranteed with the clarity of your smartphones display.  Galaxy has crystal clear images in your smartphones display you dont need to worry about missing your most treasured moments.

Security is not an issue with your A71.  It’s in the tip of your thumb, most of your smartphones issue is unlocking your unit, this is no longer a problem.  Unlocking your phone made easier just simply put your finger over your smartphones guide, problem solve.

Bixby Routines

Again and again most users problem is the blue light of your smartphone.  Galaxy A71 adapts to your life, reducing blue light and turning on Night mode to get your eyes ready for bed. It even keeps your phone unlocked and plays music when you get in your car, or you can customize to your needs with My Routine.  The habbit of using smartphone on your bed becomes a normal routine.  Before going sleep there you check your smartphones social activities.

“Get the information you need, faster, with Bixby’s next-level vision intelligence. Bixby Vision is built right into your camera app to make life more efficient for you. Translate restaurant menus with ease and search for that furniture you saw at a party by simply scanning it”. Samsung Technology Said

How Much Does it Cost To Buy Galaxy A71?

It depends on your smartphone’s provider.  If you will going to buy this at Samsung Store, you can get this at the amount of around  $450.78, and if you will also buy this to amazon you can buy this at $404.99-$420.00 and for eBay, you can buy them at around $385.90-$457.87.

If you are really wanting to have this smartphone, you can choose them at your smartphone’s providers.  maybe they have some flexible prices.

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what is good with Galaxy A71 is its 6.7″ super AMOLED screen. Larger 4500mAh batter, and 64MP rear 32MP selfie Camera. Best for gaming, best for video viewing and this smartphone is multi-tasking.


Its a bit expensive compared to OPPO A9 2020 that has 5000mAh batter and has more advance features. It’s camera has no led flashlight, and it is not water resistant, not have infra Red sensor so that your phone will be used as remote control

Is Samsung Galaxy A71 Worth Buying?

Samsung Galaxy A71 is another flagship mid-range smartphone. Depending on your taste of the mid-range unit, but I can highly recommend 100% this smartphone for you if you are not looking for a very high standard phone.  with the specifications presented above I guess all you need is in Galaxy A71. You can seldom find smartphone that has 6.7″ smartphone that has wide screen.

Samsung Galaxy A71-Super Wide Screen
Samsung Galaxy A71- Credit to Samsung

You cannot experience such amazing features like this.  I would definitely recommend you to buy this.  So that you can tell what I have reviewed.  It’s hard to tell when you just read them.  personal experience is the best way to feel it.

Final Thought

Making decision is a very hard thing to do.  You have to do a lot of research before making conclusion whether to buy, or not to buy the product you wanted to have.  I also experience that, yet, you have to spend sleepless night.  Again, I don’t have the power to influence your decision making. but if given a chance I hope that this writing will help you decide.

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Thank you very much for reading my review, I hope you enjoy reading this post.


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