Samsung A70 Review——A Smartphone With 6.7 Inch Screen

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Samsung A70 Review - A Smartphone With 6.7 Inch Screen
Samsung A70 Review: Smartphone with 6.7 Screen

As a product of 10 years and more of innovation, another Galaxy A70 Series has finally come out from the factory to the market of smartphones.  As a part of Samsung’s commitment to the customers, they never stop making and innovating smartphone products that fit for your budget and for your needs not just for your own good but as for the whole users as well as the Samsungs faithful service to its customers.   The Galaxy A70’s has maximized the 6.7 inches of widescreen that brings you even closer to the things you always love by bringing it all to life.  Built with FHD+ sAMOLED Infinity-U display.  Whether you are streaming or watching your favorite movies and shows, the expansive 20:9 aspect ratio is a fantastic viewing you will ever experience that takes you to the new world you that you never experience before. Galaxy A70 comes with a bezel-less display with water drop notch design. If you have do not know much about this smartphone, I will be resenting to you in this Samsung A70 Review of a Smartphone With 6.7 Inch Screen.

Designed For You, Designed For Live

First time in the smartphone industry that is minimal for the look, now the Galaxy A70 has it for you.  Thanks to its integrated sensors and the On-Screen Design Fingerprint.  And with the 3D design and glasstic back, it’s very easy for you to hold the smartphone as you go, you are always on the go, whether you go dinner, work or whatsoever you do.  The design comes from different colors, black, white, blue or coral to match your taste and likes ever fits for your personality.

A70 Full Specification

Operating System Android v9.0 (Pie)
Display       6.7 inches (17.02 cm) bezel-less display with waterdrop notch
Design Slim Design
Performance Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 Octa core Processor


128 GB internal storage, expandable up to 512 GB

Camera         32 + 8 + 5 MP Triple Rear Cameras

32 MP Front Camera

Battery         4500 mAh battery with Fast Charging
Connectivity           Dual SIM: Nano + Nano with VoLTE support

SIM1: Supports 4G, 3G

SIM2: Supports 4G, 3G

Special Features On-screen Fingerprint Sensor

Face Unlock

3.5 mm headphone jack present

Ways To Capture and Share More

This new A70 Galaxy series comes with the triple camera that consists of an Ultra Wide Camera with a 123-degree field vision that is comparable with the human eye. Thanks to this very genius inventions with the help of 32MP (F1.7) camera for the brightness of the captured moments this will also give you very clear photos all day long. The 3rd camera has 5MP power, this is Depth Camera for adjusting the depth field of your angles.

Ultra Wide Capture and Ultra Epic

The 123-Degree Ultra Wide Camera helps you capture the world without even making you any restrictions.  You can capture what you want, record all of your activities daily.  The Capture Epic scenes at an angle like the human eye amazing inventions.  This will give you natural ultra-wide angle to get more opened and easy panoramic shot that will make your images look ultra-epic photos.  As we know that most of the problem usually arrives is when you capture wide angles, there might come a time in your experience what you have to keep on stepping back just to get the exact angle you want, but with the help of this 123-Degree Ultra just set the screen for your desired angle and you can get the angle you like.   Even if you are in the tip of the mountain which the area is very small, with the help of this gadget, you can have it documented all of your activities.

More Focus, Less Distraction

The 5MP Depth Camera helps you adjust the depth of the field you want, before and after you take the shot.  With the help of the advance 5MP Depth Camera, the will knock out the unnecessary background noise that makes your picture ugly.  With the aid of the 5MP Depth Camera, you can produce a more professional like shots.  Even without DSLR Camera, A70 Galaxy will answer to this needs. Not only that, but you also have your Pro photo assistant in your pocket.  One shot is all you need.  Whether taking a photo or whatever you like to take.  Like biking, swimming, taking photos for food, dogs, cats, whatever things you love to take photos.  Scene Optimizer recognizes and enhances your activities by using artificial intelligence.  So, you can now get the optimum level of the brightness, saturation, and more to capture using the A70 Galaxy, so that you will ever miss the memorable moment you have in life. You will always remember your best memories.

Samsung A70 Galaxy flaw Detection to get the right Shot

This intelligent program the Flaw Detection will accurately catch and detects the blinks, and the backlighting and allows you and helps you to take a shot again. For what purpose? So that you can get the right pictures you desire so that you will not really miss the exact moment in life.

A70 Galaxy Built with Camera to keep You Center Stage

There is some humor that Samsung was thrown down by the rival phone the OPPO Series, this phone was always a champion when it comes to selfie moments.  Because selfies mean, you are the actor and an actress in the spotlight.  Let us accept the fact that nowadays, people are no longer happy when they cannot take selfies everywhere they go.  Samsung A70 Galaxy has already broken that problem.  A70 Galaxy comes with a super 32MP front camera, your photos come out fantastically bright and clear all of the days for your selfie life so you can be assured of very fantastic selfie photos and so much so, you stay looking at your best.  Use selfie focus for you to adjust the background depth and blur the background of your photos.


Let Your Personality Shine Through with A70 Galaxy

Are you hiding in the dark side of your life? Kidding, now you have several ways to express yourself without any destructions.  You can make a lot of fun in your images, you can personalize your AR emoji, you can then take a selfie in Mask Mode to bring your desired emoji into real life.  Or you can even decorate your photos with different kinds of stickers, stamps and even frames you want to beautify your images so you can hide what you want to hide and shine what you want to shine in the desired personality you want.


Your Security is our Concern—Your Fingerprint is the Key

For the past 15 years, it is the number one problem of smartphone users the issue of phone security.  Let’s accept the fact that once your phone is stolen or lost you can never have it back due to the fact that there are genius technicians also who can unlock your phone and this will be used again by the burglar, or even bad people.  Unlike iPhone’s the management is very particular with the security of their customers.  Once the unit is lost, the units can be easily be found.  I don’t know much about the Samsung Company.  Maybe they are looking into this problem also.  But with A70 Galaxy. Your fingerprint is the key.  The revolutionary on-screen biometric authentication will automatically recognize and verifies the owner’s fingerprint to get into the system so that you can get the access of your phone.  You will always have a peace of mind knowing that all of your document is well secured your data is fully secured and if you want to access your phone? Just tap your finger in the screen and you can access your files.  At least at this point.  You have the assurance that your personal data’s if ever your smartphone will be stolen, you still have the chance that your data’s and personal files will not be hacked.  If you also want to use the screen protector, make sure it allows for use of the On-Screen fingerprint sensor. **GUI may change upon application updates.


Battery: Super-Fast Charging

Its always a problem especially when you’re on the road and your phone is dead.  It is my experience as Business Manager I was one a victim of this situation because the previous Samsung series has small battery capacity.  But with the Galaxy A70, this smartphone was equipped with a 4,500mAh (typical)* battery that can handle and last for a long time.  Playing more videos and playing longer game time?  It’s no longer a problem. You can now watch more videos for more time.  With the efficient 25w Super-Fast Charging technology this will helps you charge fast and refile your battery fully even in just a short time. With this technology? Now, you can charge less but do more activities.  You are assured with these claims.  Typical value tested under third-party laboratory condition.


 The typical value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested under IEC 61960 standard.  Rated (minimum) capacity is 4,400mAh. Actual battery life may vary depending on the network environment, usage patterns and other factors. **Actual Charging speed may vary depending on the actual usage, charging conditions, and other factors. ***GUI may change upon application updates.

Do More With Bixby

With the help of Bixby, this is now the faster way to have more thing accomplished.  With bixby’s intuitive voice control interface this will let you manage the phone settings and the complete task more efficiently and effectively without having more time waste in navigating through your device. Just simply speak and let the Bixby do the rest.

Less Clutter, Better Usability

Issues keep on repeating back.  And more questions arise, does the phone I have can handle all the activities I have?  One UI technology, this helps us focus on what really matters to us.  It is very important to note that hardware and software go hand in hand together to produce an excellent outcome.  Again with the use of One UI, this makes this smartphone advantage than others.  Just use night mode so that you will experience the comfortable experience in dark, and with a clear and spontaneous visual using the phone is like second nature.  Take note that the use of One UI features may vary depending on the device you are using or the OS version in your current location.

With Galaxy A70 Your Data is Protected from Inside and Out

Security of your files and data’s is no longer a big deal.  Because Samsung secures all your folder through the powerful security features that help solve and protects your files.  Whether it is private or public data’s.  you will never have to worry of the files because automatically your folders will be encrypted wherever it is stored such documents a photos and voice recording files under an additional layer of protection.

Final Judgement

As Knowledge increases, technology also increases,  thanks to the unending research of Samsung company.  With this new Galaxy A70 Series smartphone from Samsung, I can partially say that this phone is a perfect smartphone for you.  if you love to take selfies, you have this phone as your selfie partner.  as of this writing, i can give my grade 9.8 over 10 for this fantastic smartphone.

I hope you enjoy reading this review. if you have any experience with A70 Galaxy, please feel free to share it with us and i am very happy to read about your experiences. Whenever you want also to build your own business online, I will give you my 1# recommendation how I build my business online.  You will not be leave behind, because you have all the tools you need to set-up your webpage, we have 24/7 online support willing to help you in times of need.



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