iPhone XS Review–iPhone’s Best Smartphone

Apple iPhone XS is the 12th generation company’s flagship smartphone. And for those iPhone Lovers, I am pretty sure you will really love this widescreen yet intellectual gadget. This double size retina is the largest screen iPhone company ever made. And even the fastest face detection ID scanner and the smartest and powerful smartphone. An

Galaxy Note 10 Review—Cutting Edge Innovation

Welcome, Galaxy Note 10 Looking at the headlines of Android World for a week now, another potent cell phone emerged in the market. And this is the new Galaxy Note 10 in the Android circuit world. This is a great rival of Galaxy S10 a competitor by its own company. For this phone that will

Honor View 20 Review—The Phone that Endures Long Game Time

The Honor View 20 It’s obvious that until this day, Honor View 20 still among the top list when it comes to smartphones.  If you love gaming, Honor View is the top priority in your list when you think of a phone that will serve its purpose.  There are three important aspects of this smartphone.

Google Pixel 3 Review—The Phone that Will Compete Others

Google Pixel 3. the genius smartphone perfect for your budget this summer, find out what is the amazing inside the Google Pixel 3 this 2019 Google Pixel 3 has finally launched.  This is the most stunning high tech smartphone in the market today. Its design is comparable with Samsung Galaxy Note9, iPhone XS and even

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Reviews – The Phone that Satisfies Your Taste

Introducing Huawei Mate 20 Pro Huawei is a Chinese Company and committed to giving satisfaction to their customers.  This Huawei Mate 20 Pro is a 4 Camera smartphone with finger scanner for your security measures, this phone too has a c-type USB charger.  As I figured it out, Huawei Mate 20 Pro is a top