iPhone 11 Review–Just the Right Amount of Everything

One of the most interesting thing to note when it comes to iPhone is that, it night mode can withstand from its rival competitors like Samsung Huawei and other smartphones circulating in the market today.  When it comes to its battery life, iPhone also will excel among the rest.  That tells, that Apple Smartphone Company

A9 2020 Review: A Phone That Gives Comfort to Your Hand

Introducing the New A9 2020 Imagine a smartphone that has 48MP Ultra-wide camera with a 5000mAh battery?  This is the new generation of smartphone from OPPO the new A9 2020 that soon to be out in the market this month of October.  I would like to remind you to please reserve your phone if you

Samsung A70 Review——A Smartphone With 6.7 Inch Screen

Galaxy A70 Price:  $398.44 – $400.00 buy at www.amazon.com As a product of 10 years and more of innovation, another Galaxy A70 Series has finally come out from the factory to the market of smartphones.  As a part of Samsung’s commitment to the customers, they never stop making and innovating smartphone products that fit for

7 Charactiristics of a successful Entrepreneur

Success in entrepreneurship isn’t just about your idea or your money. Plenty of people have interesting ideas or a lot of cash to throw around — and they never quite manage to find success in their ventures. If you want to be an entrepreneur, take a step back and evaluate whether you have the following

OnePlus 7 Pro Review – The Smartphone with Full-Screen Display

OnePlus 7 Pro Now @ $669.00 Only The Highlights Of OnePlus 7 Pro The competition gets stiffer today, smartphone company never stops looking for ways how to improve there invention, engineers keep on upgrading every angle of their units that are already circulating in the market today.  OnePlus is one of them.  Today, you can

OPPO F11 Pro Review—Best Midrange Smartphone

Considering the fact, in the market today, there are many midrange smartphones yet the competition gets tougher and everyone claims that they are the best, but who really is best? When it comes to price, the smartphones look itself, the specifications and other features who can get this price? My answer to this quest is,