OPPO F11 Pro Review—Best Midrange Smartphone

Considering the fact, in the market today, there are many midrange smartphones yet the competition gets tougher and everyone claims that they are the best, but who really is best? When it comes to price, the smartphones look itself, the specifications and other features who can get this price? My answer to this quest is, it’s up to you what smartphone you like best.  But one thing to consider is the quality of the camera itself.

As said earlier, all the smartphone companies are making research on the way how to improve and how to build a very good and very durable yet cheap smartphone.  One noticeable fact is with OPPO F11 Pro.  The company has made various improvements on their new OPPO F11 Pro that compared to its predecessor the OPPO F11.

The next part of our reading is to visit the New OPPO f 11 Pro, I should say, how the company innovates how they improve the features of this beautiful smartphone. Can this be the next smartphone of your choice? Is this the phone fit for your budget?

The Good About OPPO F11 Pro


Large, all-screen display

Stylish design

48MP back Camera

Good camera features

4000mAh Battery

Great Design



Underwhelming processor choice for the price

ColorOS 6 still needs some ironing

UI still needs to be changed

Could have used a slightly better processor

Night photography needs improving

What is good about OPPO F11 Pro is that it has a large screen display, which occupies all the front screen of the smartphone.  If you love gaming, this is your perfect opportunity to grab this smartphone. Looking at its design also, it is very stylish, compared to other rival phones, for me, this will withstand among the rest of you are very picky when it comes to design.  The rear camera is 48MP + 5MP which is very great, and its battery life capacity is 4000mAh therefore you can expect that the phone will last longer compared to others.

The bad side of the phone is, the processor is not much good if you are used to a great smartphone.  And the ColorOS6 to my mind, this needs a lot of improvements.  But if you want a phone that is cheap and will serve its purpose.  OPPO F11 Pro is the Phone for you.

OPPO F11 Pro Specification

OS Android 9.0 Pie, ColorOS 6
Sim Card Dual SIM
Display 6.53-inch FHD+ IPS display, 2340 x 1080 pixel resolution, ~394ppi
Screen/Display 90.9% screen-to-body ratio
Processor 2.1GHz MediaTek Helio P70 octa-core processor
Memory 6GB RAM
GPU Mali-G72 GPU
Internal Storage 64GB internal storage, expandable via microSD
Front Camera 16-megapixel pop-up front camera
Rear Camera 48-megapixel + 5-megapixel rear cameras, PDAF, LED Flash
Security Fingerprint scanner, Face unlock
Connectivity HSPA+, 4G LTE
Wi-Fi WiFi 802.11 /b/g/n
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2
External Connection microUSB
Colors Colors: Thunder Black, Aurora Green
Battery 4,000mAh non-removable battery, VOOC 3.0

Design with Perfection

Through the years OPPO keeps on improving its design, compared to its predecessor, it improves a lot the look of the phone is actually gradient this mean that OPPO is not taking it every now product for granted, each of this is well engineered. Looking at the phone itself very nice to look and to hold in other words the phone is very attractive, the finishing and the color are well designed.

Although there is a problem when it comes to the weight of the smartphone, there is an extra weigh if you will going to hold it in your hand, but for me, this is not a big issue. Look at how this smartphone beautifully engineered the placement of the camera is very unique, it was placed in the center of the phone. Beautiful, this is a notch less, version of the OPPO series smartphone.   And the front camera is in the form of sliding and with the flash on the back part of the phone.

If you hold the phone, this will be very comfortable in your hand because it was built in a way that you can hold it firmly to avoid slippage in your hand.  If you meticulously examine the phone you will notice that the finger reader is aligned in the center part of the camera giving the phone very proportioned.  This phone’s screen is wide and almost 90.8 percent of the front screen is covered by its display.  Its 6.53-inch FHD+IPS LCD display widescreen is good for movie viewing, and for those of you who love gaming, I can personally recommend this. And for me, this is the best one for me.

Overall the phone’s appearance is very neat and clean to look at. Most of the times if you look at the physical appearance of the phone sometimes it is very confusing, because if you look at the picture, other phones are far from reality but with OPPO F11 Pro, nothing is different from its appearance, what you can see in the picture, is what you can also see in the actual LCD of the smartphone.  Compared to its rival phone the Nokia 8.1 which is the nearest rival and OnePlus 6T you can really tell that it is very different especially in the very bright condition, the AMOLED display is over saturated. With Nokia 8.1 and OnePlus 6T, you can hardly see the screen when you are in the direct sunlight. And in the dark condition, OPPO F11 Pro I can proudly say that this phone will not hurt your eyes, the bright light coming from the phone is very cool to your eyes.

The 48 Mega Pixel Camera

Frankly speaking, the 48MP camera works perfectly for you.  This is with the help of Sony IMX586 sensor which does it all for you, even to the darkest side of your shoot. I really love this, because it will perfectly work fine for me. I never have to worry with my travel, worrying about the DSLR not no more with OPPO F11 Pro because it seems that I have already my portable DSLR for me.  The OPPO F11 Pro 48MP camera and the 5MP rear camera works for hand in hand, what is this 5MP all about? It is partnered with your 48MP rear camera to work as blurring effect so that it will give you the DSLR like camera shoots. This phone uses a technique called pixel binning to produce a very sharp detail of the picture. You may also try to use the 12MP option.

I cannot say that this OPPO F11 Pro is the perfect smartphone for photography.  Yet, I tried this once, I used this smartphone to shot ID pictures from the students in one of the schools that I was the one chosen to make Identification card for all of the students, and you know what? The result is very fantastic.  OPPO F11 Pro works as a substitute to my DSLR camera. Compared to my J7 Prime the result is very different. And compared to its rival phone the Nokia 8.1 the result is very far.

The video footage is very great even without tri-pad the result still very great of course this is with the help of EIS and to warn you this smartphone can only record up to 1080p and 720p @30 FPS.

The night shot if OPPO F11 Pro is very remarkable, you can really distinguish the result.  But, there is a big problem with it.  The night shot is not good if you will notice sometimes, you will discover that there are many noises in the photo, although this phone works well in the very low light condition. In the side of the rival the Nokia 8.1 you can see a very fantastic image, this is the phone that will work in the very dark condition.  The result is very detailed the captured picture is very accurate.  And maybe, this is the very mean reason I will suggest to the technical team from OPPO to improve the shortcomings.

When it comes to the camera, wow this is amazing, and works very fast, by the way, to those who did not see the actual operations of the front camera, this is in a pop-up operation.  And this works fast for only less than a second. That is both open and close operation.  The front 12MP camera works perfectly fine, this is a super selfie expert camera.

Software is Almost Perfect

If there are many aspects of the phone that works perfectly fine, there are also some areas of these smartphones that need to be iron out. Honestly, OPPO’s software improves a lot with ColorOS 6.0 version, which is based on Android 9.0 Pie. As said, this needs to be improved to make this phone more competitive to other rival phones.  The hustle is always there, especially the phone keeps on asking your OPPO Identification and the worst is you cannot find the off button of this notification which is sometimes, it can irritate you.


Battery Life


I was impressed by the battery life of OPPO F11 Pro seldom you can rich up to more than two hours of nonstop moving and gaming session. But with the help of the 4000mAh battery, the phone can last up to these long hours of operation without charging.  If you love watching YouTube, this will work perfectly fine for you.  This phone is operated with Oppo’s Trademarked VOOC fast charging system that makes the phone charge from 0-50 percent in less than 30 minutes. That is very fantastic, for a super big battery 4000mAh capacity. And charging the phone fully within less than an hour. And this is faster than 50% compared to its rival phones. What a perfect charging experience. So if you are on the road, it will not take most of your time charging because the phone can be fully charged with a matter of an hour.

My Final Judgement

Buying a phone is always a struggle for us, especially today that there are many kinds of good quality phone in the market. If you will ask me if I can recommend OPPO F11 Pro? Try to compare it first to other phones. Like Nokia 8.1 the OnePlus 6T and Google Pixel 3 this is great phones you can choose too.  But since you ask me if I can recommend it with you? Sure, I will be based on the specs of the phone for me this is highly commendable.  Just take advantage of the battery itself, 4000mAh the rear camera 48MP and other specs that are of advantage from its rival phones.

If you are after the look of the phone? Why not? Get Oppo F11 Pro this is perfectly built for you. I’m sure, you will really appreciate the smartphone. Great smartphone, great camera, great value with only $

If you have any experience with OPPO F11 Pro, you please put your review on the comment section below I will be very happy to read it.  If you have some comments also regarding the product and the presentations, Please forgive my shortcomings. I’m only human and human tent so commit errors.  That you so much for reading this review



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