Little Gifts Makes Diffirence

Business Office Workers Association Of Adventist Medical Center Valencia City gives a simple gifts to our less fortunate brothers.

The Plan

Few weeks back, my co-workers at business office of (AMCV) Adventist Medical Center Valencia City organized group composed of ordinary workers contribute our little fund just to make this activity realized. since it was our way also of giving back what blessing we received all throughout the year from the Lord.

Searching Place Who Will Receive The Gifts?

the most difficult part of giving is when you want all the people can receive the gifts. you can feel the pain in your heart when you can see others don’t have for their new years’ eve. this less fortunate brethren of our need some food for new years’ celebration. again, as what I have told you a while ago it hurts because all of them did not receive the gift that we prepare for them. for the information of everybody this village people belong to indigent people that they only survive through harvesting rice, corn and other way of living.
Best Gifts This Christmas


The group sing carol song, but this is quite different as we practice that when we sing carol song we can receive money from the houses we sang a song. again this is different, why? the was the one gives gift to the houses we sing carols song, and as I mentioned a while ago, the group select those families that I can say, very less fortunate. if you could only imagine how to live in this kind of house, for you read this post maybe you can say…can I give my 1 month income? anyway.

The Recipient

these are some fortunate village members who received our simple gift enough for their new years’ eve celebration. Is what the saying goes, If heartily given, it will be also received wholeheartedly. If you were just there in the venue. You can saw the ear to ear smile of the villagers, no words can express how much happy they are when they received the gift.


these are some simple blessings shared to our indigent brothers, and i’m praying that journey for the year 2019 will be a fruitful one, that there will be more gifts to be given to those who need it most. money cannot buy happiness, but if you share your blessing, you can see the wonderful result and you will see the real beauty in giving.

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