iPhone XS Review–iPhone’s Best Smartphone

Apple iPhone XS is the 12th generation company’s flagship smartphone. And for those iPhone Lovers, I am pretty sure you will really love this widescreen yet intellectual gadget. This double size retina is the largest screen iPhone company ever made. And even the fastest face detection ID scanner and the smartest and powerful smartphone. An innovation dual camera system with depth control. As said, this is the phone among the smartphone you will really love to have. Everything you wants to do? iPhone XS will be there for you.

The New Generation Of iPhone

This super retina smartphone has 5.8” display beautiful screen covering almost all the front face of the cell phone. This custom OLED made the display of iPhone XS give you the fantastic and exact color in the smartphone industry. The HDR is the promise of true black that can display beautifully even in dark and low light condition.


iPhone XS Exceptional Glass Material

the glass cover of every cell phone is the most important part of the phone because this covers the display of the LCD. With iPhone XS, the material used in this phone is a selection and engineered made from a selected and refined glass manufacturer. That is the very reason that glass used is very durable and even scratch resistance ever in smartphone history. Beautiful gold finish completed with a state-of-the-art automatic level process. Precision-machined, surgical stainless steel material used for the smartphone and new level of dust and water resistant. The surgical stainless steel grade material is used to furnished iPhone XS and special alloy that precisely manufactures to make a structural bond of this smartphone. This smartphone comes from different colors. And with the PVD process, the gray and the gold space finished is an advanced vapor physical process on the stainless still frame band for the color to adopt reflection to beautifully complement the glass.

Wireless Charging


The iPhone highly technical construction of this iPhone with the back glass support, allows the phone to fast charge and the most amazing high-tech inventions that make the smartphone charge even without cord. In other words, this is a wireless charging technology. And the good thing is the phone charge faster that iPhone X. in the world of smartphone competition, this is one of the contenders to the giant phone company the Samsung Galaxy S10 series.

Advance Face ID Feature

Security is one of the most important aspects of life even in our home and in our work or even in the society we are living, we always want security. And Apple Company is looking into that, we all know that everywhere we go, we are not certain. Even we are not secure. This cutting edge high technology phone is a genius invention of Apple. It comes with a Face Detection feature. You can certainly sure of your security because in iPhone XS your face is your security. Your face is your passport in every detail of your activity and even your passport when you access your favorite applications and most importantly, your Apple Account. And to add more, this is the most secure facial authentication ever in the history of smartphone, Apple company leads this most advanced technology. And now? It is even faster ever that you can imagine. Thus, when it comes to security? Apple already solves that problem. You never have to worry even to the point of a lost phone, definitely, you can still find it.





What is Inside iPhone XS?

With intelligent A12 Bionic, this phone is considered the smartest smartphone exist in the market today. The A12 Bionic chips are the most powerful invention of the smartphone industry today. With iPhone’s next generation neural Engine. For the amazing amplified reality that you can experience today. Incredible portraits with depth control. With this technology, whatever you do in this smartphone, it will always give you a speed hustle free experience in everything you do. A12 Bionic. Gives you the speed of up to 50 % graphics performance and this is very good for your games. 15 percent faster performance core, save unto 50% of power usage inefficiency core, 8-core Neural Engine, with enhance image signal processor and advance performance controller.


Advance Dual Camera System


What iPhone XS take advantage from other rivals is its dual camera system. This is the world’s most popular camera technology. This smartphone is a promise of a defining new era of photography where an innovative sensor works with ISP and Neural Engine that helps you work with photo captures that you never have experienced before. The HDR new and advance secondary frames, give you an advantage, built-in with an advantage sensor and A12 Bionic chip that brings more highlight and shadow details with your photo shoots capturing the fantastic picture. Detailed with larger and deeper pixels the new sensor creates a better image fidelity, with greater color accuracy and reduces noise even in the very low light condition. It also has to enhance the bokeh effect. This helps you to be of more details in your photo look even more professional.




iOS 12: New Features Added


iOS 12 has a lot of enhancements under the hood, but one that I appreciate most is its Instant Tuning, which is, essentially, easier control over notifications. If you keep getting alerts from an app that you find annoying, you can disable them right from the Notification screen.

If you do Animoji and Memoji, you can make fun with your avatar on this phone. iPhone XS can map 50 facial movements with Depth Camera, you can even insert yourself in the outgoing messages. With this smartphone, you can use Animoji and Memoji during face time chats. Other iOS 12 marks, includes screen time for better tabs on your apps. Smart search in on photos and it has the ability to phones features like Do Not Disturb and driving mode. What excites me most is the assistant the Siri shortcuts, very easy to use. These apps can be accomplished with multiple tasks this includes third-party applications. With single phase. Like for instance, saying I’m home…all the assistant applications it’s all in iPhone XS. This iOS 12. Brings a lot of the latest features, this includes group face time that allows you to conduct video calls with other ends of the line that caters up to 32 calls.

Adjustable Depth control

If you want to edit your portraits, you can easily adjust its depth to give you the exact amount of blur you want with your background. You never have to have high-tech DSLR Camera’s for you to have a professionally shot pictures.

Camera Specs

12MP rear Camera. This will give you a very nice photo shot with f/1.8 wide-angle lens, f/2.4 telephoto lens, a 2x faster sensor for Smart HRD across you’re photos. Its portrait mode has depth control and has a 4k video that is up to 60fs. This is really a true depth Camera. With these specs that this phone has, you will never miss a single moment. Nobody wants to miss a perfect opportunity, yet sometimes this will be disrupted with bad cameras. But with iPhone XS, no longer a problem.


iPhone XS and XS Max vs iPhone XR

up to this point in time, I know you have many things in your mind, either to buy $1,000 iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max that cost more than $1000 when you can have the XR worth $760 with 6.1 inches screen. It’s a tough decision to make though. The verdict is within you.


Final Judgment



After sharing, you these ideas, I hope that you have already an idea what to buy and what to not to buy. But for me, I would definitely suggest you to buy this very smartphone the iPhone XS. Why for you to experience the once in a lifetime real experience. If you have some good experience with iPhone XS please feel free to comment below.



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