GoPro Hero 7 Review–The Action Camera That Satisfied Your Taste

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Every rider needs action camera as a partner in every travel destination, and one of the greatest challenge for me as “Biker” is my action partner.  For all of us, it is a tough decision to make whether to buy GoPro 7 action camera or just let each day passed without taking any footage on the road, trail or in the highways we passed by.   Now, here comes the new flagships of GoPro’s action camera the records all your daily activities on the road without any hustle.  This is the advanced version of the 2017’s GoPro 6 the GoPro 7 Action camera.  As described, this camera is one of the best cameras you can buy in the market today.  Hero 7 showcase its paramount spot in the market.  And names as the best action camera.  Its foundation and it is built remains the same with the old model as presented the GoPro 6, this is portable camera water resistant clear camera that withstands for the surface to underwater actions.  GoPro Hero 7 is one of its kind, due to its class-leading electronic image stabilization and strong mounting accessories.

You may ask what this GoPro Hero 7 black looks like. It’s the same with the older version only the look is different.  Hero 7 audio recording was improved and enhanced to capture and record all your activities without any destruction.  Aside from the audio, there are several improvements to boost its imaging features.  GoPro was named as the best video camera recorder ever.  Its ability to record life is very fantastic even if you do live to Livestream on your Facebook or YouTube.  The result is very super fantastic.  Although there are minor upgrades, GoPro still holds its position on the top among its rival action camera.

The Good

  • Excellent image stabilization
  • Enhanced audio quality
  • Extraordinary video and decent stills
  • Waterproof even without needing a case
  • Sturdy range of mounts and accessories
  • Now offers live streaming through Facebook and YouTube

The Bad

  • When recording long hours, you can get very hot
  •  Sometimes sluggish or unresponsive UI
  • Still relatively expensive compared to its rival

Major Specifications

  • Review Price: $399.99
  • Shoots 4K/60fps; 1080p/240fps video
  • It can withstand up to 10m
  • Takes 12-megapixel still photos with high definition recording
  • Capable of live streaming via smartphones

GoPro Hero 7 – Design, Controls, And Screen

The Hero 7 Black will look very familiar to anyone who’s used the last two flagship Hero models – perhaps too familiar if you were hoping for a redesign.

For those who are using GoPro 6, you can conclude that the product looks very familiar.  The fact that his two leading action camera models are now undefeated. What more you have to anticipate is the new design of this product. As said, one of the major looks of this GoPro Hero 7 is the color itself and aside from that, they also upgraded the hardware of the gadget, the microphone was remodeled, and other features were perfectly upgraded for your satisfaction. And what is more exciting about the product is its anti-shock proof so that it will give the best recording output even the very bumpy road and rugged terrain.

Aside from that, the GoPro Hero 7 was designed for those underwater lover, that at least this gadget will endure pressured underwater up to ten meters.  Its 2-inch touch screen is quite yellow in color compared with the Hero 6 LCD screen.  This soft touch screen allows you to scan and preview your shoots but there is a small inconvenient in using this gadget especially when you record videos, but this is a manageable issue. And its overall performance is great.

If you have some issues with the previous gadgets, probably, you can also experience some in this upgraded version of GoPro Hero 7.  If you have some problems with the programs in the older version, to me, this is very improving for this latest version.  Just get acquainted with its menus because there have some tweaks on it.

Personally, I have some confusion with the changes.  As you can be observed, when recording short videos, it can be set into limits from 15 to 30 seconds of recordings. GoPro Hero 7 is totally manageable.  You can always go with the flow and even perform difficult tricks with your GoPro Hero 7. One thing for sure, that all of your moves will be recorded with the help of this fantastic gadget.  Including field views, and protune controls it is now very easy for you to do settings even make more creative designs.

There might some disadvantage on it, if you try to compare with the older version, I find it much easier to locate from the older version. It’s setting bars is quite different it much clearer when compared to the older version. Another problem with GoPro Hero 7 is, it will slow down especially when you rumble the footage and you need to handle it properly when you flip it to landscape position.

I will still recommend this gadget,  I found it advantageous and very improved this time. If I have to choose what to use, I will still prefer this new GoPro Hero 7 because of its advancement when it is compared to other action camera’s that I have tried before.

GoPro Hero 7 Black – Features and performance

There is a great difference especially in the features of Hero 7 Black GoPro this super smooth new version gadget is very excellent in capturing footages even in difficult actions. Compared to its predecessor, the Hero 6 the gadget work very fine.  This will work to the top blow of 4k/60fps recording activity.  Try it to prove these claims.

Previously, we explore into hyper smooth, as we see now, it has great improvements compared to Hero 6 GoPro Hero 7 boosted its stability to shoot actions you never experience in the previous camera.  GoPro call this the first person magic carpet ride.  This is what we called the super fantastic photo experience.  With the help of the auto mode, everything you want to do, you can freely do it with the new GoPro Hero 7.  With the new cam mic enhancements, it will all record the audio during action time.  And what’s more amazing is that you can connect and have live streaming in your smartphones while the action is going on.  It’s no longer a problem, you can do it live in your Facebook and YouTube.

So how well do all of these new toys work? Let’s start with that modestly named stabilization, Hypersmooth.

Let us discuss the matter how this gadget works?  Due to its firm stability, this gadget can record a very fine video recording.  This is what we called hyper smooth.  Other action cameras like Sony FDR-X3000, it has no optical stabilization behind hyper smooth this is all due to electronic activity.  Cropping your pictures works very fine. This means you can make arts out of your shoots.  What advantages GoPro Hero 7 among its rival is its

I went running down the same pathway with the Hero 7 Black, a Hero 6 Black and a GoPro Karma Grip. You can see the results below. While the Karma Grip still wins out for smoothness, it’s not that far ahead of the Hero 7 Black, which gives you some gimbal-like nice pans when turning corners and certainly beats the already impressive Hero 6 Black. It’s really impressive and easily the best electronic video stabilization you’ll find on an action camera.  Keen engineered and most advanced camera system.  This is really very impressive and you can only find that result in GoPro 7 action camera.  But without hyper smooth technology, this claims will become useless.

GoPro Hero 7 Black – Timelapse, audio and live streaming

So what about the Hero 7 Black’s other new features? It might not be a brand new idea, but TimeWarp is a fun new time-lapse shooting mode that’s been executed very well.

What are the most exciting features of Hero 7?  To you, this might not be a new ideal.  But for me, its time-lapse shooting mode this makes this gadget performs very well.  With time-lapse videos, this will fantastically work excellent. With timeWarps smoothness this means you can rely on the very good outcome of your videos. For me a bike rider. I always make sure that my rides are all documented. And of course not with frustrating coverage but with the very excellent footages.

You can make your very own experience with your GoPro Hero 7, I may not discuss all this to you.  But my overall rating with this product.  This is very excellent.  Compared to its rival the Sony FDR-X3000 action cam and Apeman A80, this rivals cannot compete with Hero 7.  I should say, I will not compromise this gadget.  Money can earn soon but past is always past, you can never bring the past back anymore.  You can never return back from where you have been.  But with the aid of this GoPro Hero 7. Everything is gonna be okay.

Final Judgement

Even though there is disadvantage having this gadget compared to others, like Hero 6 and other excellent performing action camera.  Hero 7 is still best for me.  The quality of its recording, and other features, all of this makes me feel attracted to this action camera. And I would love to share this to you also.  Have one and experience the most treasured moment in life. If you have any best experience also with Hero 7, please share it and I will be very happy to read them. Thank you.

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