Honor View 20 Review—The Phone that Endures Long Game Time

The Honor View 20

Honor View 20

It’s obvious that until this day, Honor View 20 still among the top list when it comes to smartphones.  If you love gaming, Honor View is the top priority in your list when you think of a phone that will serve its purpose.  There are three important aspects of this smartphone. Reason number 1, it is the 2nd among the top smartphones with a 48MP camera. Second, it is built with a punch hole camera position that will compete with the top smartphone company the Samsung Galaxy 10 series. And the third, the first and among the phones who use UI instead of EMUI.

As the matter of fact, in the world of online games, we cannot deny the fact that everyone wants to have an excellent phone when it comes to games, we are living in a world of competition, so whether you like it or not, you are part of the game.  The good news is, Honor View series build a perfect phone for you.  The Honor View 20.  It is powered by Android and has 6.4” smooth screen and amazingly bezel around the edge. Honor View 20 is the rival phone with Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Samsung S9 and even Samsung S10.  And if you love gaming with your phone this is the phone you will love to have.

Honor View 20 Outlook

Dreaming to have a phone like this is a temptation, why? I sure you cannot take your eyes upon this excellent smartphone.  Though it was released late this year in the market, gadget lover still giggles because of the temptation brought by this phone. Sad to know that this phone that I dreamed of, is up to my eyes only.  But when I visit the store and ask them permission that I will make a review on this product glad that the store owner gives me permission.  Yet, I can’t sleep if I will not have this phone this quarter. Base on my research with regards to the phone, very competitive.

You might ask me, is the phone can compete with the rest of the phone? Did this phone meet my expectation? Very good question asked.

Honor View 20 Exploratory Design

There is always a debate for the end users especially when a certain phone company introduces as a new image or a new design of the phone in the market. To open up your mind, iPhone for instance when the lunch the iPhone X it was a risky decision they have made when they introduce a notch on the phone. Although it was accepted by the market, yet there is always a huge possibility that the users find it as a bad decision.

On the part of Honor View 20 series, I will consider that this was still the right decision for the company to launch this such an amazing smartphone.  If you have to scrutinize the physical appearance of the phone, it is completely acceptable.  For me, the appearance is not an issue but how the phone performs.

When it comes to the way how the phone performs, it can be compared to the powerful smartphones that are circulating in the market today. This from 25MP 4.50mm ultra-small in-screen camera is a super fantastic selfie partner, and the rear camera is 48MP with FHD 1080p, if you love photography this is your perfect partner. The texture of the phone is so glossy and nice to hold on.  Like other phones, it has 3.5mm audio jack on the top portion design for your convenience, and on the right edge of the phone, you can find the upper portion the volume switch and the power button on the lower part. You can also find on the right side the sim card slot. The phone is perfectly designed not to pick some smudges.

Honor View 20 Specification

This phone is powered by Android Pie version 9 it is perfectly matched with your widgets and other applications you want to install in this phone and it is not a problem. Its memory can compete with Huawei Mate 20 Pro with 6GB RAM and 128GM internal storages and it has an expandable sim slot. If you love photography, not a problem, I can assure you that you cannot put all the picture you want of your whole day shots.  What is exceptional with this phone because the screen can display up to 16.7 million different colors perfect rival of Galaxy S9.  The camera can absolutely capture amazing scenarios. And the front camera has great features perfect for your selfie needs. Whatever angle and position you want to.  Honor View 20 is perfectly a smartphone build for you.

This phone can last up to 3-4 days without charging, it is packed with 4000mAh by just 2-3 hours of charging, from 0-100% fully charge during testing time. And even last for a day under rigged gaming condition.  The overall performance of Honor View 20 if absolutely amazing.

Magic UI is Almost Indistinguishable From EMUI

Why Honor View 20 separate from its mother? Because they wanted to establish their own name and they wanted to be more active in its role when it comes to smartphone competition. According to its representative. “To meet the evolving need of the younger generation, Magic UI will be more intelligent and more futuristic in interaction and visual design, bringing a fresh and easy-to-use experience to all HONOR users.” This is the reason why the create its own magic the UI instead of EMUI. The aim of the company is to establish it’s own brand to know in the market and to compete for its rival smartphones like Samsung and iPhone respectively.


Now the final verdict. Would I recommend Honor View 20? My honest answer is I would personally recommend it to you. This phone is the phone that has it all. From its physical design, camera features, connectivity, gaming endurance ability, name it and you can find it in this phone. What this phone’s flagships is, its 48MP rear camera and it’s gaming endurance which other phones don’t have. Aside from its long-lasting battery life, widescreen and other fantastic features.  I would definitely say yes for you to buy this.


Product Rating:   4.7Out of 5

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