Google Pixel 3 Review—The Phone that Will Compete Others

Google Pixel 3. the genius smartphone perfect for your budget this summer, find out what is the amazing inside the Google Pixel 3 this 2019

Google Pixel 3 has finally launched.  This is the most stunning high tech smartphone in the market today. Its design is comparable with Samsung Galaxy Note9, iPhone XS and even Huawei P20 Pro when it comes to its features and specification.  Can Google Pixel 3 withstand this giant cell phone company?  I can confidently say, Apple and Samsung should put this smartphone into consideration.

If this phone will outsmart my Samsung Phone, I will definitely change my old one with this kind of phone.  Before jumping into what is all about this phone, let us remember, the weak and the powerful side of each of the cell phone in the market today. To take a glimpse about Google Pixel 3.  The Phone is built with the beautiful OLED screen, perfect size, and fantastic camera powerful software and has unique A.I features. As said each of the smartphones has weak side this phone has small battery size, therefore, less battery life, another weak side is its big bezels but totally this is not an issue, you can have it charge at the end of the day. If I have to give my rating with Google Pixel 3 I will still give 95% out of 100.

Although Google Pixel 3 is an almost perfect competitor with Galaxy Note9 and iPhone XS or Huawei P20 Pro this starting price of it is just $799 still a very good price and a phone to have compared to its predecessors.

Perfect and Ideal Size

We have different taste when it comes to phone size, but for me, I would definitely choose phones with larger screen size, and I know phone design also is one of the best reason why you have to buy yours.  However Google’s method to its hardware is quite not good, it has the deep notch and big bezels that margin the Pixel 3 screen roundly designed. Sometimes the wrong choice of design will compromise the quality of the product but overall I like the bezels of Pixel 3

Not that you can hold this phone in your smartphone store, why not try to hold it, and experience the real experience.  It is a different experience when just reading the review when you can hold the phone personally.  And I know, you can be attracted to it once you see it personally. Honestly, Pixel 3 is a phone with a perfect size weight and comfort in handling it.

Google Pixel 3 Design

Google’s signature two-tone design has been retained on the back of the phone with a shiny section on the top of the housing and its camera module is perfectly located at left back of the phone. The design is a c-curve design. The back part of the Pixel 3 is designed with a continuous piece of anti-scratch gorilla glass 5, when touching the phone, you can feel the softness of the glass and never leave fingerprint mark on screen this is the reason why, and it radiates the beauty of the unit.

The design of the phone is different from the other, its power button is still in the right section of the phone and yet its volume is located at the lower part of where the power button is labeled with mint green while the volume button is plain white. Aside from that, it has a C-USB port and besides the port, the sim card tray.  As said this is designed differently because it has no audio jack on this portion and no micro SD-card port.

Google Pixel 3 Display

The Google Pixel 3 is a look-alike with iPhone XS, its size is almost of the same height but not as wide as the other, Apple display screen size is of 5.8 inches while Pixel’s display is 5.5” the dual lens front camera is located at the left side of the top bezel and there also the stereo speaker is. The loudness of this phone is much higher than the pixel 2 ranging up to 40% loudness. And the sound is much improved compared to the older version.

Although the phone manufacturer has the same brand of the screen, this phone is much of advantage it has higher contrast ration designed to capture the dark condition perfectly stands out. With 2,260×1,080 pixel resolution, Pixel 3 display is sharp and visible, and this is the result of competition because they upgrade its display compared to its last year Pixel 2 the main reason of this so that Google Pixel company compete with Samsung Galaxy Series which leads the mark when it comes to screen resolution.

Wherever you are whether you are watching movies on buses, trains, car, or even watching movies outdoor or playing games, Google Pixel 3 can guarantee its display looks perfectly okay because it will automatically adjust to its environment genius smartphone.

Genius Smartphone Features

What is exciting about this smartphone is its Artificial intelligence feature.  Pixel 3 can do anything that other phone cant.  The camera alone has A.I on it.  That’s why you don’t have to worry about it as your daily partner because your smartphone has beautiful features add up on it. You will never have to worry with fake calls because Google will take care of them. Your Google assistant is always ready to help you in times of tough situation. And the most genius feature will recognize whether the one calling is a real person of a fake one.

What’s the most exciting thing about Google’s Duplex feature is the Google assistant will book a table for you and even arrange an appointment for you.  This is only available in Google Pixel 3. The playing now features will identify the music played. Wherever you go on the lock screen, you can be assured that you can trace the history of the music you played. Meaning you can always repeat what is the last music been played.

Another feature, if you plug in the USB earphone, Google assistant will pop up and tell you that you have text messages or other messages received by your phone. And the most amazing thing is you can ask what the next schedule of the plane is or what the weather is when you arrived at your destination or listen to the next music and a lot more.

Google Pixel 3 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and 4GB RAM cannot compare much with Note9 and other competitors, this is a smooth responsive cell phone that gives you convenient whatever games and activities you want to do. The OS of Pixel 3 is Android 9 Pie as the developer of Android, Google is putting strict compliance about the security system of the phone.  And the phone feature on the update is ready to use with Pixel 3. Google Pixel is trying to secure its phone users that is the reason why they developed a security and fragmentation program.

Camera Features

This has been a big issue and a great challenge for other smartphone manufacturers the camera of the phone. Yet Google Pixel got its flagship with the Pixel 2 but they did not stop there, Google keeps enhancing their camera.  The back single camera is 12MP f/1.8 Aperture. While the front camera both has 8MP lenses, with an f/1.8 aperture with wide angle buddy of f/2.2 Aperture. But the most other exciting feature is it A.I that enhance your photographic experience in a clever way.

Compared to iPhone XR and Samsung Galaxy S9 there is a big difference when it comes to the resolution of the camera, but it is so close.

If you want the best android phone, I can personally say you really have to have one of this smartphone. If you want to have the best experience, why won’t you prefer to have this and experience a new generation genius smartphone? That you so much.  If you have any experience and any comments, please put them below and I will be very happy to read them.



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