Gasland Induction Cooker Review—Your Electricity and Gas Problem Solution

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Living in a busy world is a tough challenge for the kitchen master.  I am a busy father who usually gets up 5 am every morning to prepare food for my family. And the cooking partner is my top priority in the kitchen.

I made this review is because I want to share with you my experience using this kind of kitchen gadget.  And this is conduction cooker.  Most of us use other types of cooking partner like the usual thing we used is conduction. Others use a gas stove and gas ranges.

Ever since a human being uses the traditional cooking style and that is firewood.  And lots of people eager to use this type of cooking since it is what we used to do.  Over time, cooking techniques have become ever more sophisticated and efficient, as well as more portable and compact. Today, one of the newest and most benefit-rich cooking methods is called “induction.”

This phase, I will present to you the pros and cons of induction cooker.

Induction-is the term that refers to a specific heating method that generates heat.  Traditional stove, like gas stove firewood and another method of a cooker, uses heat to cook our food.  Like a microwave oven, this also uses micro energy waves that generate heat to cook food inside the pan.

However, induction, there is an electromagnetic reaction between the burner and the pot or pan itself.  The usual thing that happened with the traditional cooker it generates heat and a waste of money the moment that we turn on the gadget. Induction produces an electromagnetic reaction between both the pan and the pot itself. Absent of pot or pan over the induction cooker, it won’t produce any heat. The key to making induction stove work is to use a specific type of pot.  You need to use a magnetic pot or pan for the induction to work and generate an electromagnetic reaction.  Needless to say, using cast iron or any magnetic stainless steel will do.

There are 5 pros in using Induction

1. Fast cooking because of its quick response of electromagnetic cycle, and you can save up to 50% of your cooking time for your desired meals.

2. Induction cooking is environment-friendly, due to its fast cooking time, you can also save time and energy not only that you can also save money.

3. Safe for pets and children, what makes induction fast because it uses an electromagnetic reaction to heat what is inside the pan. The burner also remains cool after you’ve done the cooking. After turning off the cooker it will immediately cool off making it best gadget for your kitchen.

4. Less mess on the cooking area. It will only happen when you accidentally spill something while on the process of cooking. Cleaning after cooking is very easy, just wipe it with wet clothes dirt’s will disappear making your kitchen clean and smooth.

5. Cook set surface looks attractive.  There is no reason, the whole cooker looks presentable, and no dints no corrosion just like stove burners. And it is very easy to set up even if you do party.

5 Cons in Using an Induction Cooker

1. Compared to any other cooker, induction is expensive. Since it is presentable and considered as new technology.

2. Special cookware is required when cooking because it will not conduct any ordinary utensils

3. Noisy compared to conduction cooker, due to its cooler fan and sometimes it will buzz this usually happens when you use light cooking materials compared to cast iron utensils.

4. You have to return to your old kind of cooking style with a thermometer since it will use electromagnetic energy, sometimes thermometer is not accurate. You have to use your old manual thermometer to ensure accurate and correct temperature.

5. You can’t cook when brownout.  This is my struggle when there is no supply of electricity.  You can’t proceed with your activity in the kitchen. This is because induction needs a lot of electricity supplies.

After reading this review, you already have your guide in using this cooker.  But for me, I save a lot of electricity and money compared when using traditional ways of cooking. I can save extra money because it is truly an energy save device.

Now that you have an idea, it is up to you whether you will shift to induction cooker, or choose your old cooking partner. It is only you and you alone can make the best decision. Thank you very much for reading this review, I hope I did a good job for you if you have any comments or comments with regard to the induction cooker.  Please leave your comments below and I will be very happy to read them,  if you have some bad experience, you can also do the same just leave a comment.




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