We all parent aware that our children now adays is well entertained by the gadgets, either could it be TV’s Laptop, Cellphones and other types of entertainment devices. and I know, that this is our number one problem. How to take away our children attraction from this devices.

Let’s accept the fact that, our children belong to Generation Z or postmillennials. Fortunately or unfortunately, they are digital natives, born and raised by this technologies.

Fortunately, because they have access to almost all information at their fingertips–to name a few, Unfortunately, because this technology can hook them to the wrong path if not guided accordingly and even destroy’s and lead them to destruction. According to reports, the main health problem of postmillenials include:

1. Obesity because of unhealthy diet and lack of physical exercise.

2. Vices such as alcohol, smoking, and drug addiction.

3. Sexually transmitted diseases, including human papilla virus (HPV) and HIV due to sexual promiscuity.

4. Early onset of lifestyle health problems such as diabetes, heart attack, and hypertension.

5. Mental or emotional disorders especially depression and anxiety.

Technology and media devices, while beneficial, often negatively affect the minds and our you people and even the older generations. Of all the gadgets, the smartphone offers the most attractions–almost every program or app like email, news TV, movies, radio, camera and photo album, library, music box, games, health monitor, etc.

These entertaining functions act as a “super normal stimulus” that “hijacks” attention. Who has not been tempted to use Facebook, Instagram, or twitter during work hours? Who has not spent long hours on Yahoo or Google or YouTube to be updated with showbiz happenings? often our work suffers or our children’s grades nosedive due to social media.

The use of gadgets also affects our memory. Our knowledge and understanding may actually dwindle as gadgets grants us easier access to online date stores. People who believe that facts have been recorded in the computer demonstrate a much weaker recall than those who assume the facts won’t be stored. Researchers call this “Google effect.”

What can be done to help the children manage their use of gadgets? the best advice from experts include:

1. Set limits. Aim to have them spend no more that two hours a day on digital media.

2. Increase the amount of time your children spend seeing friends for socialization and face-to-face interaction rather than on social media.

3. Encourage your children to have physical exercise.

4. Have time for creativity and play.

5. Learn to serve them balance and nutritious meals (Reserve eating our for special occasions)

6. Be a role model to your kids. Avoid digital distractions during meals or boding time. Connect with them emotionally and be their emotional coach.

7. Teach and train them according to the good values, so that they will become a good citizen in the community.

I know that this is a paramount challenge for the parents like you and me. We Cannot do it if you will not apply this guides. I hope you we learn our from this topic. Thanks to our reader. If you have some comments please write them below or if you have experience related to this topic fell free to write them below. Thank you.

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