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Top 13 BEST Smartphones of Mid Year 2020 Review

One of the questions asked for this year is which smartphones are on the top and what phone is best when it comes to its performance? Smartphone companies really have the battle and showcase each of their brands and units just to serve their consumers better. But, which smartphone is best? That’s the question we

Best Smartphones For 2020 Review (Review and Buying Guide)

2019 is the year of quad camera for smartphones, and this 2020 it’s another year for smartphone competition. This year we will again wait for the surprises that smartphone company’s grand announcements of their smartphone showcase to their users. And with this cut-throat competition, it brings positive effect to the users. Thank you so much

Samsung A70 Review——A Smartphone With 6.7 Inch Screen

Galaxy A70 Price:  $398.44 – $400.00 buy at As a product of 10 years and more of innovation, another Galaxy A70 Series has finally come out from the factory to the market of smartphones.  As a part of Samsung’s commitment to the customers, they never stop making and innovating smartphone products that fit for

OnePlus 7 Pro Review – The Smartphone with Full-Screen Display

OnePlus 7 Pro Now @ $669.00 Only The Highlights Of OnePlus 7 Pro The competition gets stiffer today, smartphone company never stops looking for ways how to improve there invention, engineers keep on upgrading every angle of their units that are already circulating in the market today.  OnePlus is one of them.  Today, you can

Honor View 20 Review—The Phone that Endures Long Game Time

The Honor View 20 It’s obvious that until this day, Honor View 20 still among the top list when it comes to smartphones.  If you love gaming, Honor View is the top priority in your list when you think of a phone that will serve its purpose.  There are three important aspects of this smartphone.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Reviews – The Phone that Satisfies Your Taste

Introducing Huawei Mate 20 Pro Huawei is a Chinese Company and committed to giving satisfaction to their customers.  This Huawei Mate 20 Pro is a 4 Camera smartphone with finger scanner for your security measures, this phone too has a c-type USB charger.  As I figured it out, Huawei Mate 20 Pro is a top