Benefits of Bicycle Ride

Does Bike Riding Do Any Good For You?

For Beginers Bike riding is quite not easy especially for those who do not have any experience bike riding, bike riding has numerous benefits for you health. Cycling is mainly an aerobic activity, which means that you heart, blood vessels and lungs all get a workout. You will breathe deeper, perspire and experience increased body temperature, which will improve you overall fitness level. The health benefits of regular cycling include: increased cardiovascular fitness. that’s according to better health channel.

Regular Cycling

it only takes discipline have regular exercise to improve you health, to the beginners this is a hard part for you especially when it is you first time to do this kind of habit. Unlike other type of sports, cycling is very good for you because you do not need have a partner to be with not like basketball, volleyball or any other team sport that you can not do without partner. Cycling is an individual exercise so you need not have a partner. You can do it by you self.

Cycling and specific health issues

Cycling can improve both physical and mental health, and can reduce the chances of experiencing many health problems.

Obesity and weight control

Cycling is a good way to control or reduce weight, as it raises you metabolic rate, builds muscle and burns body fat. If you’re trying to lose weight, cycling must be combined with a healthy eating plan. Cycling is a comfortable form of exercise and you can change the time and intensity – it can be built up slowly and varied to suit you.

Research suggests you should be burning at least 8,400 kilojoules (about 2,000 calories) a week through exercise. Steady cycling burns about 1,200 kilojoules (about 300 calories) per hour.

If you cycle twice a day, the kilojoules burnt soon add up. British research shows that a half-hour bike ride every day will burn nearly five kilograms of fat over a year.

heart Problem

regular bike riding can improve you heart health. It stimulate you blood flow. Cardiovascular diseases include stroke, high blood pressure and heart attack. Regular cycling stimulates and improves you heart, lungs and circulation, reducing you risk of cardiovascular diseases. but of course this need regulation, do not engage into biking if you feel you are not in good condition.

Cycling strengthens you heart muscles, lowers resting pulse and reduces blood fat levels. Research also shows that people who cycle to work have two to three times less exposure to pollution than car commuters, so their lung function is improved. A Danish study conducted over 14 years with 30,000 people aged 20 to 93 years found that regular cycling protected people from heart disease.

Diabetes and cycling

The rate of type 2 diabetes is increasing and is a serious public health concern. Lack of physical activity is thought to be a major reason why people develop this condition. Large-scale research in Finland found that people who cycled for more than 30 minutes per day had a 40 per cent lower risk of developing diabetes.

Bone injuries, arthritis and cycling

Cycling improves strength, balance and coordination. It may also help to prevent falls and fractures. Riding a bike is an ideal form of exercise if you have osteoarthritis, because it is a low-impact exercise that places little stress on joints.

Cycling does not specifically help osteoporosis (bone-thinning disease) because it is not a weight-bearing exercise.


we learn that there are numerous benefits of bike riding. So it times for you to look unto you health, health is an investment, we have to invest huge amount of time and effort for us have a good health. To be physically fit? it takes a lot of discipline to do in order to take care of our health.

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