Top 13 BEST Smartphones of Mid Year 2020 Review

One of the questions asked for this year is which smartphones are on the top and what phone is best when it comes to its performance? Smartphone companies really have the battle and showcase each of their brands and units just to serve their consumers better. But, which smartphone is best? That’s the question we

Top 10 Best Tactical Flashlight Review(2020)

Top 10 Best Tactical Flashlight I remember during my younger year, we have only one flashlight at that time and you know what? that flashlight was called Eveready flashlight. This Flashlight is so famous during our time. Imagine yourself you are living in the mountain, no electricity, not a solar panel that can light up

Best Smartphones For 2020 Review (Review and Buying Guide)

2019 is the year of quad camera for smartphones, and this 2020 it’s another year for smartphone competition. This year we will again wait for the surprises that smartphone company’s grand announcements of their smartphone showcase to their users. And with this cut-throat competition, it brings positive effect to the users. Thank you so much

Apple Mac Book Pro (16-Inches, 2020) Review

The battle keeps raging, and the competition is becoming more and more intense. What I am talking about is Apple Electronics Corporation. If you are the person who don’t like to use slow processing Laptops or any Gadgets for your office, or for your business or any other kinds of office aid I will strongly

A9 2020 Review: A Phone That Gives Comfort to Your Hand

Introducing the New A9 2020 Imagine a smartphone that has 48MP Ultra-wide camera with a 5000mAh battery?  This is the new generation of smartphone from OPPO the new A9 2020 that soon to be out in the market this month of October.  I would like to remind you to please reserve your phone if you

Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets Review — Makes Everything Easy

Living in that world that is full of challenges is a great problem especially to the working Mommy’s and working Daddy’s. It’s been always a challenge for me especially in preparing good to be cook morning, noon, and evening. Good thing is, inventors also created helpful gadgets for us to make complicated things become easy.


when it comes to smartphones, Samsung Company always stands out.  From A10, A20, A30, A50, A70, A80 and now another A71 Series has come out of its shell from the genious smartphone manufaturer.  And this time, this smartphone build with a wider 6.7 inches screen that gives you an eye friendly infinity-O Amoled Display.  You

Samsung Galaxy S20 Review The Phone That Change Photography

You may not, or you may hear of Samsung Galaxy S20 before or read them in the newspapers, reviews from other blog post. But if you will go to look this smartphones carefully, we can really appreciate the engineering and the innovation of Samsung company. With the increasing knowledge of human brain, we are previlege