Mac Book Pro 13 inch review

2016 Apple release the Mac Book Pro series with great design and with good touch bar. But this series of Mac Books has many issues, that is why the company redesign the laptop into a very magnificent office mate. With new touch bar, sticky keyboard in your finger tips, but Apple still did not produce

Apple Mac Book Pro (16-Inches, 2020) Review

The battle keeps raging, and the competition is becoming more and more intense. What I am talking about is Apple Electronics Corporation. If you are the person who don’t like to use slow processing Laptops or any Gadgets for your office, or for your business or any other kinds of office aid I will strongly


when it comes to smartphones, Samsung Company always stands out.  From A10, A20, A30, A50, A70, A80 and now another A71 Series has come out of its shell from the genious smartphone manufaturer.  And this time, this smartphone build with a wider 6.7 inches screen that gives you an eye friendly infinity-O Amoled Display.  You

Samsung Galaxy S20 Review The Phone That Change Photography

You may not, or you may hear of Samsung Galaxy S20 before or read them in the newspapers, reviews from other blog post. But if you will go to look this smartphones carefully, we can really appreciate the engineering and the innovation of Samsung company. With the increasing knowledge of human brain, we are previlege

Realme 5i Review:Quad Camera 5000 mAh Battery

Power Your Day with Realme 5i Realme had successfully launched its flagship brand here in the Philippine last 2019, yet in the market today, the product is still very good in the taste of the users. After its successful arrival in the Market, last April this smartphone starts getting its peak in the mid range

Vivo V15 Review: AI Smartphone

2019 has hundred’s of surprises when it comes to smartphones.  Folding Phones, like Samsung Galaxy phone, F11 Pro of Oppo the Pup-up Camera, and many other pup-up cameras, 5G, and many other multiple camera smartphones now the new Vivo Nex 3.  We are Living in the days of Gadget war.  We cannot deny the fact

Mi Note 10 Review–World’s first 108MP Penta Camera

Introducing Your New Mi Note 10 We are now living in the world of competition.  Either in our home, workplace, community, or even in the present world we are living, we are competing, just to survive.  In other part of the story, technology now a days are battling not with armour pierce and guns but


Introducing the New Samsung Fold What I like with Samsung is that, it always keeps on surprising its users with the most brilliant and nicely created smartphones. From your S-Series to A-series it has it all. This time as I’ve said it comes with the first and a very futuristic fordable smartphone that will come

RealmeXT Review–Best Smartphone for 2019

Realme XT Hundreds of smartphone with fantastic camera was manufactured this year, from dual camera, triple camera to quad camera. Yet the battle did not end up there. The competition still going on, giant company’s such as Samsung, Apple, Xiaome, Realme, Oppo, Huawei etc. An all of this smartphone manufactures has its own flagship. And